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BarentsKrans Offices, Den Haag Building

Offices Development in The Hague design by Hofman Dujardin Architects, Holland

19 Nov 2013


Den Haag, The Netherlands

Design: Hofman Dujardin Architects

New home for famous law firm in The Hague, the Netherlands

A successful collaboration between the renowned law and notary firm BarentsKrants and the Amsterdam firm Hofman Dujardin Architects has resulted in a remarkable building renovation in The Hague. Before BarentsKrans moved into their new location, near the Dutch Parliament building in the city centre, they commissioned Hofman Dujardin Architects to revolutionise the building.

The building was constructed in 1950 and commands floor space of 5,200m². It was originally divided into a front building, with a majestic marble façade facing the main street, and building at the rear of the site, with two spacious atriums separating them. By the time the teams of partners, lawyers and other employees moved in to the headquarters, Hofman Dujardin Architects had breathed new life into the building and created a modern, sleek and sophisticated space.

BarentsKrans Offices Den Haag Building BarentsKrans Offices Den Haag BarentsKrans Offices BarentsKrans Offices Building design by Hofman Dujardin Architects Offices Development in The Hague design by Hofman Dujardin Architects
photos : Matthijs van Roon

A stylish and practical multi-purpose hub

The design team opened up and linked the atriums, creating a larger, more open and transparent central area in the heart of the building, flooded with natural light. The use of materials and the positioning of furniture and internal structures create three distinct spaces within this one central area.

At one end of the central area is an atrium containing the legal library area with working desks and neat, ordered, wooden shelving. At the other end is an atrium hosting a less formal space with a coffee bar, a café-style bench with high stools and a large flat-screen TV. Between them is a central block containing three floors of floating, open balconies that connect the front and rear buildings and the two atriums.

On the ground floor beneath the central block of balconies stand two eye-catching centrepieces: a beautifully calm elliptical reception desk made from light oak, and a dramatic black, cast-iron spiral staircase that snakes up all the way to the top floor. These design pieces are both practical and artistic; they immediately catch the eye and make a bold statement reflecting the professionalism of BarentsKrants, a leader in their field.

BarentsKrans Offices Den Haag Building by Hofman Dujardin Architects BarentsKrans Den Haag Building BarentsKrans Offices Den Haag Building BarentsKrans Offices Den Haag
photos : Matthijs van Roon

Emphasis on comfort and vibrancy

The entire central open area sits on light-oak floors, which create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. These floors are repeated on the floating balconies above, each of which has an open meeting area, a coffee bar for informal meetings and lofty views down over the two atriums.

Near the spiral staircase, elegant Vitra sofas make up the discreet client reception lounge. Also nearby are the ground-floor meeting rooms designed using light, natural tones and off-set by colourful conference chairs, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

The offices for partners and employees are located in the front and the back buildings on all floors; they have large four-metre-long tables suitable for work and meetings. Finally, on the top floor is the firm’s restaurant with a free-flow buffet, simple wooden café-style tables, Eames chairs and a sunken seating area with padded banquettes where employees can take a break and gaze out over the rooftops of The Hague.

BarentsKrans Offices Den Haag commercial property BarentsKrans Offices Den Haag Building BarentsKrans Offices Building
photos : Matthijs van Roon

About BarentsKrans

BarentsKrans is an independent Dutch law firm located in The Hague, with roughly 70 lawyers. Excellent in dispute resolution and with a strong reputation for transactional advice, BarentsKrans is known for high-quality service across the practices of Supreme Court, Litigation, Intellectual Property, Corporate Litigation, Financial Litigation, Corporate and M&A, Labour Law, Real Estate and Competition.

In addition, the legal advisors have specialist expertise in several industry sectors, such as Healthcare and Life Sciences, Energy and Financial Services. The clients include listed and privately held multinational companies and financial institutions with commercial interests in The Netherlands. A unique combination of high-quality advice, operational independence and knowledge of the Dutch legal and regulatory environment sets BarentsKrans apart among law firms in The Netherlands and positions them to focus exclusively on helping clients achieve their commercial objectives.

BarentsKrans Offices Den Haag – Building Information

Colofon design:

Client: BarentsKrans law and notary firm
Location: Lange Voorhout 3, The Hague
Surface: 5,200m2
Project: in use 2013
Architect renovation: Hofman Dujardin Architects
Architect interior: Hofman Dujardin Architects
Project team: Michiel Hofman, Barbara Dujardin, Bo Winnubst, Pieter Mulder, Nicola Placella, Stan Flohr and Jeroen Semeijn
Project management: CBRE
Light design: PD Lighting
Structural engineer: Arcadis
Installation engineer: Halmos Adviseurs
Acoustics engineer: Peutz Fire safety engineer Peutz
Advisor restaurant: Horequip
Photography: Matthijs van Roon

Colofon construction:

Contractor: Du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling
Building management: Nebest
Contractor interior: Intos Interieurbouw
Contractor oak walls: Schalkwijk Interieurbouw
Contractor oak ceiling: Schalkwijk Interieurbouw
Oak: vineer Kuiper plaatveredeling
Furniture: Arper, Vitra and Unifor delivered by SV
Upholstery: Kvadrat, Arper and Vitra
Stairs: Wolter Tijdink
Walls: Sepawand
Light: Marset, Foscarini and DeltaLight
Sun protection: M+N Projecten
Ceiling white: Ecophon
Ceiling acoustic: OWA Floor marble Du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling
Floor oak: Finesse Parket
Carpet: EGE delivered by Onstein Agenturen

BarentsKrans The Hague images / information from Hofman Dujardin Architects

Hofman Dujardin Architects

Location: Lange Voorhout 3, The Hague

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