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Cultural Centres Buildings

Major Culture Architecture Projects from around the World

post updated 13 February 2024

Cultural Centre Buildings

Contemporary Cultural Centres

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Cultural Centre Buildings. We aim to include Culture Center buildings / projects that are either of good quality, or ideally both. e-architect try to cover completed Culture Centre buildings, new building designs and architecture competitions across the world.

Latest Cultural Centre Designs

Cultural Centre Architecture – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Changsha Meixihu Centre, China
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Art Centre
image from architect
Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Art Centre Building

M+ Pavilion, West Kowloon, China
Design: Vincent Pang from VPANG architects ltd, Tynnon Chow from JET Architecture Inc and Lisa Cheung
M+ Pavilion West Kowloon Building Cultural Centres
image from architect
M+ Pavilion West Kowloon Building
WKCDA celebrated the completion of M+ Pavilion, the first permanent venue for exhibitions and arts events in the West Kowloon Cultural District, marking a significant milestone in the development of the art hub.

Duetto Vitória Building
Design: ANGATU Arquitetos
Duetto Vitória Building - Cultural Centres
photograph : Diogo Buloto
Duetto Vitória Building
The old facade made of masonry had to be completely demolished to be rebuilt and to create the new openings. The apparent concrete in the facade balances the exterior colors, makes the building timeless and values the misaligned windows.

Elena Garro Cultural Center, Coyoacán, México D.F. – 3 Oct 2013
Design: arquitectura 911sc
Elena Garro Cultural Center Building
photo : Jaime Navarro
Elena Garro Cultural Center
This building is located in the historical district of Coyoacan in the southern part of Mexico City honoring the memory of the Mexican author. Faced with the task of preserving a heritage-listed house of the beginning of the 20th Century and transforming it into a multi-activity cultural center, the project deals with adding spaces and re-functionalizing the existing building in a contemporary fashion bookstore, an auditorium, cafeteria, seminar rooms as well as reading spaces, both interior and exterior are part of the program for the new Cultural Center.

The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos, Finnish Lapland
Design: Halo Arkkitehdit
Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos Finland
photograph : Mika Huisman
Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos – 29 Mar 2013
The Sami Cultural Centre Sajos is located in northern part of Finnish Lapland, in village of Inari. Sajos is the centre of culture and administration for the Sami, the only indigenous people in EU. The building creates better possibilities for the Sami in Finland to preserve and develop their own language, culture and business.

Manor Barn Culture House, Mogeltonder, Denmark
Praksis Architects
Manor Barn Culture House Denmark
photo : Christina Capetillo
Manor Barn Culture House – 13 Feb 2013
The old barn, with its unique roof construction is taking on a complete renovation. Externally the barn gets a thatched roof again. Internally, Praksis designs a flexible exhibition space, which tells viewers the story of the Golden Horns, Møgeltønder, Schackenborg og Slotfeltlade by using modern technology.

Cultural Centre and Library in Karlshamn, Sweden
Design: schmidt hammer lassen architects
Cultural Centre Karlshamn
picture from architects
Cultural Centre and Library in Karlshamn – 25 Jan 2013
The New Cultural Centre and Library in Karlshamn, Sweden, is designed to gather the city’s cultural functions under one roof. schmidt hammer lassen architects has just won an international competition to design this 5,000 square metre cultural centre. Karlshamn will get a sculptural and flexible building containing a library, an exhibition area, a cinema, a tourist office and a café.

Latest Cultural Centre Buildings Added

Kunsthaus Weiz, southeast Austria
Design: Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Kunsthaus Weiz - Cultural Centres
photo © Paul Ott
Kunsthaus Weiz
The community lacked an adequately meeting hall. Through the erection of a new fire station at the edge of Weiz a site at the heart of the town became available, directly opposite the headquarters of the local industrial giant. The location is marked by small, two-storey baroque and 19th century buildings, the street grid and the squares of the immediately adjoining old town are essentially mediaeval.

Culture Island, Middelfart, Denmark
Design: schmidt hammer lassen architects
Middelfart Building - Cultural Centres
photograph from architect studio
Culture Island Middelfart Building
The building’s dynamic form responds to the uniqueness of its location on the waterfront. Via its extensive glazed sections, the arts and community complex opens out onto the water while the vertically slit, zinc facades enclose the interior spaces, creating tranquillity and intimacy. A cleft splits the complex into two: a double-height foyer space lit from above with a rooflight that affords a glimpse of the sky.

Cultural Centers

Featured Culture Buildings, alphabetical:

Arab Cultural Center Washington, D.C., USA
Design: Monolab
Arab Cultural Center
picture from architecture firm
Arab Cultural Center : Architecture Competition

Arctic Culture Centre, Hammerfest, Norway
Design: a-lab architects
Arctic Culture Centre
image from architect office
Arctic Culture Centre

Cultural Centre in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Design: Architecture-Studio
Cultural Centre Muscat
image from architects practice
Cultural Centre Muscat

The Freedom Park, South Africa
Design: GAPP Architects/ Urban Designers, MMA Architects, MRA Architects
Freedom Park - Cultural Centres
photo from architecture firm
Freedom Park

King Abdulaziz Center for Knowledge and Culture, Saudi Arabia
Design: Snøhetta
King Abdulaziz Library
building image : MIR
King Abdulaziz Library

More Cultural Center Buildings online soon

Cultural Centres – no images/links

Culture Centre Designs, alphabetical:

Ascona Centre for Tourism & Culture, Switzerland
Design: Caruso St John Architects
Architecture Competition win

Cantera Cultural Centre, Estepona, Spain
David Chipperfield Architects

Don Benito Cultural Centre, Don Benito, Badajoz, Spain
Rafael Moneo Architects

Dunkers Kulturhus – Dunkers house for culture, Hälsingborg, Sweden

Kim Utzon

Luzern Culture and Congress Center – KKL, Luzern, Switzerland
Jean Nouvel Architects

Niemeyer Cultural Centre, Avilés, Spain
Oscar Niemeyer Architect

Library Buildings
Czech National Library
picture from architect

Museum Buildings
Chengdu Museum
image from architect

Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Design: Jean Nouvel, Paris
Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum
image from architect
Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum

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