Novità Italia Advancing Responsible Design For A Better Future, Architecture Contest 2020

Novità Italia Design Competition

5 June 2020

Novità Italia Design Contest

A Competition For Sustainable And Responsible Design:

Novità Italia: Advancing Responsible Design For A Better Future

Milan, June 2020 – Design as a force for building a better future. That’s the idea behind “Novità Italia: advancing responsible design for a better future,” a competition for sustainable, ethical and responsible design being held by Novità Italia, a PR, communications and marketing firm from Milan specializing in architecture and design.

The contest invites individual designers, studios, and production companies working in design and architecture to submit sustainable, ethical, responsible and creative designs for consideration. The winner will receive 3 free months of international press service. Participation in the contest is free of charge. For Novità Italia, this project is a declaration of love to our gracious host, Mother Earth.

Novità Italia Design Competition 2020


Entrants may submit a single product or a collection of products in the categories of furniture, accent pieces, lighting, systems, and accessories. Each product must meet criteria of sustainability, ethics and responsibility in its design and production processes.

And it should be bold, innovative, thoughtful and original. Submissions will be evaluated by a jury including:

• Alessia Forte, blogger
• Chiara Maranzana, journalist
• Barbara Musso, owner and managing director of Novità Italia
• Fabio Di Liberto, brand innovation officer
• Tiziano Guardini, stylist and sustainability consultant

Submissions must be sent by July 18, 2020 to [email protected].

Contest rules and submission form are available online, at and in the Instagram profile @novitaitalia_pr

About Novità

Italia Novità Italia is an international team focused on the development of strategic brand and communication projects, the organization of architecture and design events, and the promotion of synergies between creative talents and companies. Founded in Milan in 2015 by Barbara Musso, a communications professional with a background as a designer, Novità Italia is partnered with the American agency Novità Communications.

A professional relationship that began with the New York office in 1999, and has evolved into a dynamic and flexible collaborative partnership. But Novità Italia also has unique characteristics that set it apart from its American partner. Both agencies share a dedication to conscious and responsible design, but at the Milan headquarters, that ethos joins with the promotion of Italian talent and artisan tradition, attention to small and local supply chains, and devotion to emerging designers.

Responsibility and sustainability has been part of the Milan-based agency’s DNA from the very beginning. Novità Italia loves the kind of design that shines a light on the well-being of the environment and of human beings. The agency, thanks to its international team, has told the stories of products made with innovative “green” materials, eco-friendly production processes, and architectural and urban planning projects developed according to the principles of “design thinking”. It has organized events exploring the links between humans and nature through design and architecture. It presents many designs with a united goal: adding ethics and responsibility to a profit-driven business.

Novità Italia has earned a prestigious place in the media world thanks to its strong collaborationwith the New York partner, and new networks developed with London and Tokyo.

In occasione del contest “Novità Italia: advancing responsible design for a better future”, l’agenzia lancia il nuovo sito web Grafica essenziale e funzionale curata dal graphic designer Luca Bogoni e un collegamento diretto con il sito di NY per sottolineare il rapporto di continuità professionale.

Novità Italia Design Competition 2020 information / image received 050620

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