Beijing Cityvision Competition 2014, Chinese Architecture Contest

Beijing Cityvision Competition 2014

China Design Contest – organised by Cityvision

20 Apr + 28 Mar 2014

Chinese Architecture Competition

Organiser: Cityvision

Evolution: the architecture of future mankind

Beijing Cityvision Competition is the sixth international competition launched by Cityvision and it’s part of the annual programme 2014, Evolution: the architecture of future mankind.

Competition Schedule announced 20 Apr 2014:

April 24th 2014: Early registration deadline
May 15th 2014: Question submission deadline
June 30th 2014: Late registration deadline
July 2nd 2014: Submission deadline of proposals
July-August 2014: Jury voting
September-October 2014: Results and Award Ceremony

Beijing Cityvision Competition 2014

The purpose of this architecture competition is to provide a future vision of Beijing perceived as a Supercity (a unique one) that will absorb the best features from other cities (Satellites), assuming them as her own, and then reinvent itself in the form of a new – and unparalleled – model.

At the same time the competition’s goal is to imagine who will inhabit this Supercity and how will the evolution of its future inhabitants take place.

Will there be a new species as a result of the new evolutionary phase following Homo sapiens?

Our line of “natural” evolution has probably come to an end with us, and in the future our kind will be the outcome of bio mechanical and technological hybridization that will initiate a new phase of evolution called Homo Vision.

Proposals must take into consideration the 3 scenarios described within the annual research – Evolution, Involution or Extinction – choosing one of them or combining.

As usual Cityvision Competition features an exceptional jury panel, this year composed by Ai Weiwei, as jury president, along with undisputed innovators in their architecture fields such as Greg Lynn, Sou Fujimoto, Eric de Broche des Combes e Sanford Kwinter.

Beijing Cityvision Competition 1st Prize € 2.000
Beijing Cityvision Competition 2nd Prize € 1.000
Farm Cultural Park Prize € 1.000 + Six (6) Honorable Mentions

The final deadline to deliver the competition proposals is July 2nd, 2014 and the award ceremony will take place in October.

Beijing Cityvision Jury Panel: Ai Weiwei, Sou Fujimoto, Sanford Kwinter, Greg Lynn and Eric de Broche des Combes
Ai Weiwei artist

Image cover credits: Amplifier by NASA/JPL-Caltech

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Beijing Cityvision Competition 2014 information / image from Cityvision


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