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Tianjin Binhai library, China : Library Façade

Tianjin Library Façade design by KDG group, INC

6 Dec 2011

Tianjin Library Façade

Architect: KDG group, INC

Tianjin Binhai library

Proposal for redefining the appearance of the Tianjin Binhai library, an existing four-story building situated on the bank of a river. The building is the centre for this new development area, and the landmark for the waterfront walk.

Tianjin Binhai Library Building Façade
image from KDG group

At the beginning we looked for a dialogue between the façade and the content of the building, in this case, the books; this is why we were inspired by one of the greatest inventions of China, the papermaking. The façade design has been developed by playing with a piece of paper.

KDG group have folded the paper in base to the layout of the existing building; the result of this game is a new skin around the building, designed with a perforated metal which allows different angles and views of the library.

Tianjin Binhai library Façade Tianjin Binhai library building Tianjin library Façade
images from KDG group

(The holes of the façade express the importance of read between the lines, this façade force everybody to read between the holes for can see through the skin)

The idea was not only to create a new outside image, but also influence on the environment inside the building. In order to achieve our approach, the angles of our façade define two different types of spaces inside the building, classrooms and study areas looking to the sky, lobbies and exhibition rooms looking to the river.

Tianjin Binhai library Façade – Building Information

Architect: KDG group, INC
Location: Tianjin, China
Client: Airport authority
Architecture Project Team: Kang Qiu, Xavier Pages
Project Area: 2,100 sqm
Project Year: 2011

Tianjin Library Façade images / information from KDG group, INC

Location: Tianjin, People’s Republic of China

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