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Mesh office, Ordos Architecture

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page updated 24 Aug 2016

Mesh office Ordos

Design: BMA Beijing Matsubara and Architects

Mesh office Building Ordos Mesh office Building Ordos Mesh office Building Ordos

Architect: BMA
Address: Dongsheng district, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China
Site area: 120,000 sqm
Building area: 3,902.5 sqm
Total floor area: 19740 sqm

Structure: RC

Design period: Apr 2010-
Client: Ordos 20*10

Mesh office Building Ordos Mesh office Building Ordos Mesh office Building Ordos

Mesh office design description

An office building project located in Ordos, China. This project is part of a large master planning project called Ordos 20*10, with 20 Chinese and 10 foreign architects. We have 4 buildings, about 5000 sq. m. each, on two lots. The various grid façade systems are employed on those 4 buildings. Buildings stand on steep, sloped sites by using minimum paved ground with attached small platforms to become entrance and public spaces.

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Location: Dongsheng district, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China

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Ordos Architecture

The Ordos MU US Desert Temple, Ordos Shi, Kubuqi desert, Inner Mongolia
Design: Margot Krasojevic
Buddhist Temple Ordos Monhgolia building design
image : Dr. Margot Krasojevic
The Ordos MU US Desert Temple
The project has been commissioned by the city of Ordos. It is an open Buddhist temple located on the outskirts of the Ordos desert, an area that is currently used for meditation and religious ceremonial offerings, Mongolian Buddhist rituals dictated the design.

Dichroic Illusion Stations, Ordos Shi, Kubuqi desert, Inner Mongolia, Peoples Republic of China
Cable Car Stations Ordos

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Jiangyin Greenway, Jiangsu
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