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8 Sep 2009

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Now available in the bookstores:
DD31_kadawittfeldarchitektur / ISBN 978-8991111-43-1

Design Document Series_31:
Typotuning_kadawittfeldarchitektur/ Germany

21 projects by kadawittfeldarchitektur
With an introductory essay by Ilka & Andreas Ruby
256 pages with 600 photographs and illustrations (colour – black & white, partly full-page) 24x30cm. English/ Korean
publisher: DAMDI Publishing Co., hardcover,
ISBN 978-8991111-43-1, € 34.00

Kada Wittfeld Book - kadawittfeldarchitektur monography

Playing with space and metaphorically here with a word play: typo + tuning, the tuning of a typology.
The first big retrospective of kadawittfeldarchitektur’s projects demonstrates the most varied of typologies, carefully tuned by the spatial program, people, and the environment. Function and aesthetics. A city neighborhood is turned on its head on the book’s front cover. At the book’s end, comes the realization – it’s worth it.

“Added-Value Space”
The projects? Versatile. Not constrained by any one particular style. Whether it be a school, train station or adidas Design Center, they all acquire it, “added-value space,” public or semi-public, but always more than just the required spatial program. Summarized in a nutshell by the introductory essay from Ilka and Andreas Ruby.

Selected contents:
“From Riga with love,” “They might come back any moment,”
“Buckle up for beauty,” …
– a selection from the 21 built and unbuilt, small or big projects.
Branded with love, at times bizarre, funny or irksome subtitles. The intensity of the reading is decided upon by the reader himself!

Kada Wittfeld Architektur

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