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Selecting Right Mattress For Your Antique Bed Advice

11 Dec 2020

People spend a significant percentage of their lives sleeping. Restful slumber is critical to relaxation, optimal health and longevity. One step towards achieving good sleep is a comfortable bed. Mattresses are a critical component on any bed, especially those considered antiques.

Our company asks those owning or considering the purchase of an antique bed to continue reading to learn valuable tips regarding how to select the most appropriate mattress for such assets.

Selecting right mattress for your antique bed

Selecting The Right Mattress For Your Antique Bed Help Gude

What Constitutes An Antique?

The term antique has different definitions. Certain furniture or artifacts experts believe the item must be at least 100 years old to be given such designation. However, other said professionals maintain that antique classification is warranted when the bed in question is, at minimum, 50 years old and considered a collectible item.

Features Of Antique Beds

Antique beds can be equipped with various features depending upon when and where they were designed. However, certain attributes that set such possessions apart from those constructed in more modern times, which might include being built significantly larger or smaller, containing carved designs, and having been made from exotic woods.

Tips For Finding The Best Antique Bed Mattress

Identifying The Correct Size

Antique and bedding industry professionals maintain that sizing is arguably the biggest challenge.

Typically, an antique bed mattress length and width tend to be different than modern products. Therefore, taking exact measurements will prove crucial to finding the right mattress.

Occasionally, standard sizes might suffice. However, in a discernible percentage of instances, such designations do not foster proper fits.

When these circumstances arise, the antique owner has two logical choices. The first option is to purchase a custom-made mattress.

Custom products do have certain noteworthy benefits. Said features are ideal for subjects who do not wish to have other bed components extended or augmented such as the frames.

Additionally, purchasers hold greater autonomy over the materials used to comprise said products. Oftentimes, such mattresses conform to the beholder’s comfort and style wishes more than prototypical items do.

The collector in question might also choose to have the bed’s contours extended to meet standard mattress specifications. Usually, however, this task will require the services of a skilled carpenter.

Either option is a bit costly. Prospective mattress purchasers will need to carefully weigh their needs, desires, and budgetary capabilities.

Choosing Firmness

Firmness is another pertinent factor. This attribute is defined as how the mattress feels when one lies atop it. Several issues play into determining the firmness level most befitting a specific individual such as their weight, comfort requirements, and the solidness of the bed’s base.

That said, firmness is often divided into the following several categories:

Firm Tension

This category typically benefits large individuals or those with increased body weight.

Extra Firm Tension

Usually, those with back, neck, or other discernible orthopedic issues are encouraged to invest in mattresses fitting into this category.

Soft Tension

Soft tension constructions are most suited for lighter-weighted subjects or individuals who either need to or enjoy sleeping on their sides.

Medium Tension

These mattresses are considered optimal choices for persons bearing typical weight ranges.

Medium Firm Tension

Those weighing on the higher end of the average weight class and whom might possess some type of orthopedic issue are said to most benefit from this mattress firmness classification.

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