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Rimless Toilet vs Traditional Toilet – A Battle of the Bowls

20 Oct 2023

Allow us to welcome you to the porcelain arena, where we’re about to witness a flush-off for the ages as in one corner, we have the reigning champion, the trusty traditional toilet and in the other, the sleek newcomer, the rimless toilet. Going to be putting them head-to-head against each other and see who emerges victorious in the bathroom battlefield. Buckle up, folks, it’s about to get… sanitary.

Rimless Toilet vs Traditional Toilet

Round One: Design

Talking about our first contender, the traditional toilet, has been around since time immemorial, with a tried-and-true design, it’s your dependable buddy that’s always there when you need it. It’s got a rim, it’s got a bowl, it’s got a flush and any might say all you need to win a round on the toilet.

Enter the rimless toilet and at first glance, this modern marvel might look like any other toilet, but don’t let its unassuming exterior fool you. Its secret weapon lies in its rimless design and indeed you read that right, folks, this toilet has no rim. The absence of a rim makes for a powerful flush that leaves no corner uncleaned.

Round Two: Hygiene

A clean toilet is a happy toilet and the traditional toilet, with its rimmed design, has some nooks and crannies that might be a little challenging to reach. These hidden spots can become breeding grounds for bacteria, which is something you definitely don’t need in your porcelain throne.

The rimless toilet, however, is a hygiene superstar and by simply eliminating the rim, this toilet ensures that every inch of the bowl is accessible and easy to clean. No secret hideouts for germs here, making it the clear winner of this round when we’re talking about hygiene.

Round Three: Water Efficiency

Water efficiency is a massive deal in today’s environmentally-conscious world and the traditional toilet, while a faithful companion, isn’t exactly the poster child for water conservation. Each flush uses a considerable amount of water, which makes it lose quite some points.

On the other hand, the rimless toilet is a water-saving wonder with its direct flushing system distributing water around the pan more effectively, meaning each flush is more efficient than its opponent. It’s like having a race car that also gets excellent gas mileage and the rimless toilets take the trophy in this round.

Round Four: Aesthetics

Let’s be real, we want our bathrooms to look good and the traditional toilet, with its familiar design, might not win any beauty contests, but it has a certain nostalgic charm that’s comforting in its own way.

The rimless toilet, fraknly speaking is a model of modern aesthetic with its sleek design and clean lines that make it a stylish addition to any bathroom. Sort of like having a piece of modern art that you can also use to answer nature’s call if one were to exaggerate a bit.

Modern home WC design – Final Verdict

The rimless toilet has outperformed the toilet, in this bathroom battle with its exceptional design, hygienic advantages, water efficiency and stylish appearance making it a clear winner. So, if you’re planning to renovate your bathroom or upgrade your toilet why not opt for one? It’s, like having a piece of art that also excels in maintaining hygiene.

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