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13 Tips That Will Help You Pick Patio Furniture

7 July 2020

When working on a new enclosed patio for your home, one of the key parts of creating a nice space is the furniture. There are numerous options when it comes to furniture that can be used in the outdoors. Most of them can be found in home improvement stores, department stores, and online retailers. With many different types of patio furniture, it can be challenging at times to know which is best for you to buy. Here are a few tips you can follow to help you choose the right furniture for your patio.

13 Tips That Will Help You Decide on Patio Furniture

  1. Make a list of what you’re looking for.

Writing out a list of what you’re looking for can help you better find what you need and avoid impulse purchases. When you start on this list, think about the kind of space you want to create. Keep in mind the amount of space your patio will have and the number of people you’ll be wanting to accommodate. It’s important to know what exactly you’ll be using the patio for, whether it’s going to be a kitchen area, a lounge area, or a space you’ll be hosting parties. The list of what you’re looking for will determine what kind of patio furniture you need. As an example, if you decide you want your patio to be a dining area, you’ll need to search for sturdy outdoor dining chairs and tables. If it’s going to be a casual area, you’ll need to find outdoor lounge chairs and side tables.

  1. Measure your space.

Before you go to any stores, you’ll want to measure the size of your patio space. While you might be tempted to just eyeball it, it’s better to just get exact measurements of your deck. Use a measuring tape and write down the dimensions of your patio space. You should also measure the areas on your patio where you’d like to put the chairs and tables you’re looking for. Knowing exact measurements will help you be better able to know if a furniture item, such as the dining table, will need to be small in order to fit on your patio.

  1. Consider your home’s style and color.

It’s good to have the patio furniture match your home’s overall style and color scheme. If your home is of an old-fashioned style, modern patio furniture might not be the best match for your outdoor space. Instead, look for traditional furniture if your home has a traditional style and modern furniture if your home has a modern style. If it’s a small space, it might look unusual to fill it with large, bulky furniture. Instead, choose smaller furniture to match it.

  1. Choose weather-appropriate furniture.

It’s important to select fabrics that can withstand outdoor conditions. In general, if you live in an area that’s prone to having a lot of leaves and pollen around, choose darker fabrics, as these will be less likely to stain than lighter ones. If your area gets a lot of rain, you should choose water-resistant furniture to prevent mold from growing. You might also want to consider getting a patio umbrella to give a little bit more protection to your furniture. If the area you live in is primarily sunny most of the year, you can potentially get away with leaving the furniture out all year. Nonetheless, in most areas, it’s generally necessary to store your furniture away somewhere for at least some of the year. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure that the furniture you select will fit in your designated storage area. Be sure that it’s also easy to disassemble and move as well.

  1. Think about who will be around the furniture.

The furniture of a homeowner with young children or pets will likely need to be different from those of homeowners without children or pets. If you have young children, it will be helpful to select patio furniture that’s stain-resistant and durable. Homeowners with pets that might jump on their furniture should consider selecting a set that’s easy to clean.

  1. Look into wood furniture if you want a traditional feel.

Wood is one of the classic materials used for patio furniture. It can give your patio an old-fashioned style. It can also come in a variety of colors and styles. Make sure to check the labels to see if they state that the wood is authentic. A lot of patio furniture that’s labeled as wood is actually made with synthetic materials. You want to make sure it’s real wood not just to get the authentic traditional look you want, but because it will last longer for you. Be aware that wood furniture can require a lot of maintenance to keep it in good condition. Some of the maintenance you might have to do includes staining, power washing, and sealing the wood.

  1. Search for plastic furniture to save money.

If one of your top priorities in getting patio furniture is finding something affordable, look into plastic furniture. It’s typically sold at a lower price than other types of furniture, such as metal and wood. In addition to being more affordable, it also tends to be more lightweight and easier to move. Polymer and recycled plastic are among the better plastic options to choose from. You might also want to look out for plastics that have UV-stabilizing pigments, which will help prevent color fading.

  1. Choose iron if your top priority is durability.

Iron can be a good option for homeowners that live in areas prone to rain and heavy wind. It’s heavier in weight than other materials, which makes it able to withstand the high force of winds during severe weather conditions. While metal can work well as year-round furniture, be sure to store it away if you expect snow during the winter. Ideally, you should find iron with powder-coated, UV-resistant finishes.

  1. Carefully consider your fabric choice.

Fabric can provide extra comfort to patio furniture. When choosing the fabric, make sure it’s weather-resistant. Solution-dyed acrylic can work well for outdoor use. You also want to be sure that you wash your fabric regularly with a washing machine or your garden hose. It’s good to find lightweight cushions, so it won’t be hard to move them indoors when it rains or snows. Additionally, try selecting cushion fabric that’s patterned. It’s more able to hide dirt and sun-fading than solid or bright-colored fabric.

  1. Think about where you’ll buy your furniture.

As mentioned earlier, patio furniture can be purchased from a variety of places. Beyond just home improvement stores and online retailers, you can also find them in antique shops, thrift stores, and even garage sales. Consider all of your options to help make sure that you can get the best deal. If you’re really unsure of what kind of patio furniture you want to get, it’s probably best to shop for it in person rather than online. When shopping in person, make sure you sit in the chair and see how comfortable it feels for you before you buy it.

  1. Consider adding an outdoor rug.

While you’ll mainly be focusing on looking for chairs, tables, and fabrics, a rug can also be a nice addition to your outdoor patio. Similar to what you’d consider with fabrics, look for UV-resistant rugs to prevent staining and water-resistant if you live in a rainy area. An outdoor rug isn’t only useful for adding style to an outdoor patio, but it can also help protect your deck.

  1. Look into getting paint if the furniture looks bland.

If a piece of patio furniture you’re considering doesn’t exactly look the way you want, it doesn’t mean you have to rule it out as an option. You can still choose to buy it and perhaps paint it later. Look for the paint color you desire the chair or table you’re buying to have, and then paint over it. It’s important to choose a paint that’s formulated for the material that your furniture is made of. Be sure to also use paint that’s water-resistant and specifically designed to be used outdoors.

  1. Think about your budget.

Your budget will be one of the most important factors in choosing your furniture. There are several high-quality options you can find at an affordable price. The best time to shop for patio furniture at a low price is usually around the end of summer in July and August. You should also consider less expensive materials. As noted earlier, plastic tends to be cheaper. You can also look into aluminum, resin, and inexpensive woods. Among the places where you can get furniture at the lowest price are yard sales and thrift stores. While the furniture won’t be new, you can always clean and refurbish to make it look new.

Buying furniture for your patio space can be a challenging but exciting time. It’s a chance to set up your patio space to look exactly the way you want it. Keeping these tips in mind will help make the process of finding patio furniture easier. If you’re still in the early stages of creating a patio enclosure, you can learn more about how you can have it designed at this link:

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