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Nov 30, 2017

Tenders for Architectural Design Services & Interior Work

Summary of current LIVE tenders, information from

Czech Republic | TID: 26344368
Architectural Design And Design Documentation For The Reconstruction Of The Cultural And Administrative Center In Neratovice And The Subsequent Processing Of All Phases Of The Construction And Maintenance Of Engineering Activities And The Author’s Supervision Of The Reconstruction
Due on 29-Jan-2018

Belgium | TID: 26351104
Appoint An Architect With A Construction Team for the Herselt Project, Sint Servaasweg
Due on 23-Jan-2018

Czech Republic | TID: 26361273
Design of the architectural solution of the street František kriza. Due on 19-Jan-2018

Romania | TID: 26327211
Development of a landscaping plan for Salaj County. Due on 18-Jan-2018

Germany | TID: 26361775
Architectural services for the new construction of the Catholic day care center St. Josef Spiesen.
Due on 16-Jan-2018

Canada | TID: 26367634
Professional Architectural Services for Sawmill Creek Recreation Facility Due on 10-Jan-2018

Canada | TID: 26343484
IT Architecture Services. Due on 03-Jan-2018

Sweden | TID: 26361950
Project manager; Building Management and Interior Architect. Due on 03-Jan-2018

Ireland | TID: 26362919
Architect led, Project Management Design Team services, for the design, planning approval and construction management for the proposed extension and enhancement. Due on 02-Jan-2018

Morocco | TID: 26364988
Value: MAD 12.74 Million / 1.27 Crore approx. | Architectural study and follow-up of the project for the reconstruction work of a rural health center. Due on 28-Dec-2017

Morocco | TID: 26342553
Architectural study and follow-up of the project of creation and extension of school canteens
Due on 25-Dec-2017

Belgium | TID: 26351019
Architectural works for renovation of the Wezenberg water treatment plant. Due on 21-Dec-2017

New Zealand | TID: 26370500
Architectural Design Services for a Two-storey 4-Classroom Block and associated site works at Onehunga Primary School. Due on 15-Dec-2017

Romania | TID: 26366384
Technical Design For The Drinking Water Supply System Project In The Commune Urzicuta, Dolj County Due on 18-Dec-2017

Turkey | TID: 26360235
Preparation of 1/5000 Scale Master Plan and 1/1000 Scale Implementation Plan of Çerkezmüsellim and Salgamli Neighborhoods Due on 13-Dec-2017

Austria | TID: 26340965
Architectural work to the new building of the regional office Murtal. Due on 13-Dec-2017

Global TenderTiger |

Nov 16, 2017
Harrisburg University request proposals for financing and development of a Health Sciences Education and Mixed-Use Facility

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology issue a request for proposals for the development of a new, educational mixed-use facility in downtown Harrisburg. This facility will include health science classrooms, simulation laboratories and student housing in a high-rise that will help transform the downtown and bring scores of jobs to the region.

While still in the early stages, our goal is to develop a state-of-the-art Health Science Education Center where the University can offer degree programs in nursing, pharmaceutical sciences and other allied health programs. The new health sciences facility and degree programs will open the University to new markets, diversify its degree programs, and attract students from a related but different demographic. It represents a powerful next step in the University’s long-term growth and applies its quality STEM resources to stable and high-demand health fields. The demand for graduates in health sciences is growing and there are demonstrated career opportunities now.

There are many steps to transform the University’s vision into reality, but the Board of Trustees and University leaders envision at least 200,000 square feet of new educational space, plus housing for over 300 students. The new mixed-use building may also contain amenities such as a boutique hotel, restaurant, executive conference center and fitness facility. Potential development teams are being asked to present creative development proposals that address market demands while adding value to the project.

The design of the health science educational facility will include input from three health care providers located in Central Pennsylvania. Developers vying for the design/build of the facility should illustrate their ability to work with health system providers. HU is asking interested development teams to propose various development structuring and financing alternatives to the University, including lease / condo / leaseback, lease-purchase or outright purchase of the new building.

This RFP is the first step in a long process to construct a building devoted to the health sciences, which also will help transform the economic landscape as well as the skyline of downtown Harrisburg. This project will be the second major new construction project for the University since opening in 2005.

Dr. Eric D. Darr is the sole point of contact for information on the RFP: [email protected] or 717.901.5111.

Steve Infanti
AVP, Communications

30 Oct 2017
Tenders for Architectural Design Services and Interior Work

Information from

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Live Tenders from Middle East / Africa / Europe – Architectural Design Services and Interior Work.

Israel | TID: 24802249
Providing architectural planning services and consultants The establishment of the Northern District Headquarters and a regional station in Nazareth Illit.
Due on 07-Nov-2017

Syria | TID: 25199830
Proposal for College Seminar Architecture.
Due on 24-Oct-2017

Cyprus | TID: 25291184
Provision of Architect Services by Natural Persons, for the needs of supervision and supervision of of the New Football Stadium.
Due on 20-Oct-2017

Turkey | TID: 25335440
Preparation of architectural, static, mechanical, electrical installation projects
Due on 18-Oct-2017

Oman | TID: 24960118
Providing of Consultancy Services specialized in the field of preparation of marketing and promotional plans.
Due on 15-Oct-2017

Saudi Arabia | TID: 24360494
Project for architectural repairing & urgent renovation works for scientific institutes buildings.
Due on 09-Oct-2017

Nigeria | TID: 25097511
Public lecture on Deploying Indigenous African Architecture sustainability in Africa.
Due on 30-Oct-2017

Ethiopia | TID: 25260408
Architecture designed to design a 2B + G + 12 building, a 2B + G + 12 building complex.
Due on 10-Oct-2017

Algeria | TID: 23781638
Architect or engineer in the field of the building or equivalent Justinian.
Due on 03-Jul-2018

Benin | TID: 25328523
Recruitment of an Architectural firm for the design of the Architectural and technical plans and the preparation of the cad, as well as the monitoring and control of the construction of an r + 2 building for the benefit of the federation of commissioners and the national committee for the facilitation of inter-state road transit.
Due on 11-Dec-2017

Morocco | TID: 25259376
Architectural design and follow-up of the construction work of a health center level 1 in bouarg- province of nador.
Due on 23-Oct-2017

Nigeria | TID: 25051280
Provision of Architectural consultancy services.
design of Metropolitan Fire Stations in the Six (6) Geo-Political Zones including the Federal Capital Territory.
Due on 17-Oct-2017

Rwanda | TID: 25169096
Architectural design, detailed technical studies and supervision of works for a 3 storey building.
Due on 09-Oct-2017

Kenya | TID: 25071780
Provision of Architectural services and design services and solutions.
Due on 06-Oct-2017

South Africa | TID: 25128622
Architectural professional services for a contract period until 30 june 2020.
Due on 24-Oct-2017

Nigeria | TID: 25186973
Provision of Architectural and Engineering services.
Due on 13-Oct-2017

Kenya | TID: 25233358
Provision of Architectural services.
Due on 12-Oct-2017

Kenya | TID: 25101372
Provision of interior design for kppf stima plaza extension offices.
Due on 26-Oct-2017

South Africa | TID: 25258040
Supply, Deliver and Install Interior Design Items for RBIDZ Office Complex and Phase 1A.
Due on 20-Oct-2017

United Kingdom | TID: 18674292
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services.
design Services Dynamic Purchasing System.
Due on 23-Jun-2020

United Kingdom | TID: 25286556
Demolition, design and Build of a multi-storey Car Park
Due on 06-Nov-2017

Norway | TID: 25309973
Exhibition design and architecture for the exhibitions shows in the new Munch Museum.
Due on 03-Nov-2017

Finland | TID: 25146655
Providing of Haso Sammaltori, Project Planning and Architectural design.
Due on 01-Nov-2017

Finland | TID: 25309057
Skanss Building design.
Due on 12-Oct-2017

Latvia | TID: 25274367
The technical design of the rebuilding of buildings 1, 2 and 3, and the author’s supervision.
Due on 30-Oct-2017

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