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post updated 19 October 2021

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Architectural designing has existed since the time human beings began building houses for themselves. We made crude homes from stone, wood, and whatever else we could find useful for making our houses. And those structures were neither comfortable nor stylish in comparison to the sophisticated interiors that architects design nowadays. However, they were the earliest steps humans took in the field of architectural designing.

56 Leonard Street, New York City, NY, USA, design by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron:
56 Leonard Street NYC - AR World Architecture News
image © Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, 2008

Nowadays, a number of new buildings are being designed all over the world, the news of which could be easily found on the Internet. There are many sites that seek to offer latest architecture news and current developments in the field of architectural designing. Many websites even provide exhaustive information on some famous works of architect. Most of these websites work towards making architecture more connected and open-minded along with bringing together designers from all over the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines.

If you look into the history, you would find that as humans gained mastery over various elements, they started building better houses with improved interiors. Once they were successful in achieving a satisfying comfort level in their interiors, our skilled architect ancestors began paying attention to beautifying them. This led to the creation of various famous styles of architectural interior design. Authentic architecture news related to the history as well as the current developments in the sector of architectural designing would give you a fair idea about the significance of this field.

You would be amazed to know that international architecture has been widely studied and celebrated for introducing a number of innovative design aspects. Talented architects who developed the style also brought along many new ways of thinking about the design that has re-shaped the building world and modern art in general. Architecture news related to all these aspects as well as current building designs is essential if you wish to gain thorough knowledge regarding the same.

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Burj Khalifa tower, Dubai
Burj Khalifa tower - AR World Architecture News
picture from Emaar

MAXXI Rome, Italy
Maxxi Rome
photo : Roland Halbe

Los Angeles Concert Hall, USA
American Concert Hall
photo © Andrew McRae

Swiss Re Building, London
Swiss Re Tower
picture © Adrian Welch

Voest Steelworks Office, Austria
Voest Alpine Office - AR World Architecture News
photo © Josef Pausch

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