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New houses are the ultimate residence for experiencing modern luxury

House plans have come a long way. The pure architectural designs of the traditional house plans have given way to the modern houses with asymmetrical and unsuspecting geometrical shapes presented in a unique manner.

Casa dos Ipês - Experiencing Modern Luxury
photo © Reinaldo Cóser

The traditional house designs featured simple rooflines and front facing gables. Fireplaces, porches, and sunrooms were usually found in one, two, or three storey houses made usually from brick, stone, or wood. However, the traditional houses combined several design elements from Colonial and Neo-classical shapes and styles. In short, the traditional house plans were ideal for casual and comfortable living. Far from any pretensions, the old houses appeal to those who want to experience the old-world charm.

But, those who wish to experience the modern luxury and lifestyle, the new houses are the ultimate choice. The new houses are usually two-storey houses with over-sized windows and great, open floor plans, and variety of roof heights and many front gables. The modern architects aim to bring the outdoor inside the new houses, flooding the interiors with natural light. Typically, the new houses have windows and doors made of glass to provide unobstructed views of nature.

Tropical planters inside the living area, the water feature falling from the second floor down to the pool, an indoor swimming pool, glass floored kitchen, steeply pitched roofs, and natural materials for home interior decoration and furniture are just some of the features of the new houses found in New York, California, Shanghai, Beijing, and several other cities across the world.

Minimalist in design, the new houses are the perfect haven for those who wish to experience the ultimate freedom, as well as, pure natural beauty. The sudden gust of natural breeze that fills the modern houses, acts as a natural cooler, and lets one experience the charm of nature.

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Complex house, Nagoya, Japan
Design: Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates
Nagoya House
photograph from architects

Belsize Park Property, London
Andy Martin Architects
Belsize Park Property
photo : Nick Rochowski

House K Zagreb : 3LHD Architects
House K Zagreb
image : Damir Fabijanic

American Architects

Chinese Architecture

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