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post updated 16 Feb 2020

Architectural News

Global Architecture News is of great importance to those, who are linked to the architecture industry either directly or indirectly. This global architecture news allows professional architects, architecture students, and those interested in anything architect to know what’s happening around the globe, such as which are the latest buildings that have been recently built in Dubai, London, Chicago, New York, or any other city and country, or what are the new building designs proposed by Zaha Hadid Architects, SANAA architects, Frank Gehry and other eminent architects, or when and where are the architectural exhibitions and competitions scheduled to take place in the near future?

By offering complete and comprehensive information about the latest developments in the architecture industry worldwide, the architecture news helps the architects and architecture students to seek crucial inspiration from the wonderful architectural designs and styles of others, and eventually create something that surpasses the existing buildings and structures.

or instance, the Dubai Palm Island, which featured extensively in the world architecture news, is certainly the touchstone for architectural wonders. The architects all over the world are impressed by the radical architectural design and theme of the Dubai Palm Island. No wonder most architects in Singapore, China, New York, and Russia, would like to create something similar, yet superior than the Dubai Palm Island.

Similarly, the architecture news informs architects and architecture students about the competitions and exhibitions that are going to take place anywhere of the world. The interested people can participate in such exhibitions and get an opportunity to showcase their individual architectural designs and styles to others. For professional architects and architectural students, architectural exhibitions and competitions serve as an ideal platform to get business or job in famous architect firms.

The architecture news also gives update on the special programmes, trainings, and work shops organised by the countries or architectural groups and associations. This again is beneficial for the architects and architecture students as such events impart valuable information that is otherwise not available anywhere.

If you are an architect or an architecture student and are wondering from where you can get the architecture news then log on to The website is the best place to get the latest world architectural news, global architecture designs, architectural buildings images, and complete details about the architectural competitions going to be held across the world.

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World Architecture News : Archive

Key international buildings featured:

Getty Center Building, Los Angeles
Getty Center Building - Global Architecture News
image © Alice McRae

Burj Dubai Building, UAE
Burj Dubai Building - Global Architecture News
image from Edelman

Farnsworth House, USA
Farnsworth House
photo © gm+ad architects

WoZoCo housing, Amsterdam
WoZoCo Building - Global Architecture News
photograph © Adrian Welch

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