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post updated 28 February 2024

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Contemporary Residence – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Feb 8, 2023
Emigration Creek residence, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Design: Sparano + Mooney Architecture
Emigration Creek residence, Salt Lake City, UT
photography : Matt Winquist
Emigration Creek Salt Lake City residence

27 Jul 2022
Dog / Human House, Nakhonpathom, Thailand
Design: EKAR architects
Dog / Human House Nakhonpathom Thailand
photo : Rungkit Charoenwat
Dog / Human House, Nakhonpathom

20 Feb 2022
Disappearing car lift villa, Quinta da Marinha
Disappearing car lift in Quinta da Marinha villa

Oct 5, 2021
Emmitt Smith’s Mansion, Preston Hollow, north Dallas, Texas, USA
Emmitt Smith’s House and Dinner Date Dallas
photo : Douglas Elliman, courtesy of TopTenRealEstateDeals
Emmitt Smith’s House and Dinner Date, Dallas

Aug 1, 2021
Friary on the Severn, Severn River, Maryland, USA
Friary on the Severn Maryland
image : TopTenRealEstateDeals
Friary on the Severn, Maryland Residence

Jul 27, 2021
Eleonora R. Sears’ Massachusetts Mansion

Jul 9, 2021
Edward G. Robinson Mansion, Beverly Hills

June 14, 2020
Enchanted Point Residence, Miami, Florida, USA
Architects: SDH Studio Architecture + Design
Enchanted Point Residence Miami Florida - American Houses
photograph : David Hernandez
Enchanted Point Residence in Miami

Feb 16, 2020
Edgecliff Residence, Austin, Texas, USA
Architecture: Miró Rivera Architects
Edgecliff Residence Austin
photography : Ibai Rigby and Miró Rivera Architects
Edgecliff Residence in Austin, Texas

Nov 11, 2018
Franklin Mountain House, Texas, USA
Design: hazelbaker rush, Architects
Franklin Mountain House
photograph : Casey Dunn
Franklin Mountain House in El Paso

Aug 19, 2018
Daniel’s Lane, Long Island, New York, USA
Design: Blaze Makoid Architecture
Daniel's Lane Residence Long Island - Contemporary Houses
photo : Marc Bryan-Brown
The residence Blaze Makoid Architecture created for a father with three children in Sagaponack on the Eastern Shore of Long Island was inspired by the iconic architect Norman Jaffe’s Perlbinder House(1970) and Tod Williams’ Tarlo House (1979) but with his firm’s signature of designing residences that have a quiet elegance that are uniquely suited to each client. As in all of Makoid’s work, there is a cohesiveness that unites the architecture with its interiors and the site.

Oct 13, 2016
Edgeland Residence in Austin

31 Jul 2013
Elm Court House, North London, England, UK
Design: AR Design Studio
Elm Court House - Contemporary Houses
photo : Martin Gardner
Hidden from view, behind the ordinary looking façade of a modestly sized semi-detached house in North London, sits an elegant piece of modern contemporary architecture. The recently retired owners sought to adapt the existing small and cramped property into their perfect home.

21 May 2013
Elizabeth Beach House, New South Wales, Australia
Design: Bourne Blue Architecture
Elizabeth Beach House Australia - Contemporary Houses
photo from architect studio
The site presents has a long boundary that abuts a nature reserve, immediately to the East. To the West is a steep hill with existing houses. The client required a house to suit a young, growing family, with provision to accommodate extended family from interstate.

7 May 2013
De Wet 34, Cape Town, South Africa
Design: SAOTA
De Wet 34 Cape Town - Contemporary Houses
photo : Adam Letch
The site is positioned in the heart of Bantry Bay in Cape Town, on the slopes of Lion’s Head overlooking the bay. The brief was to create a home with all the spectacle of an Atlantic Seaboard showpiece but also to respond to the practical needs of family life and to create a feeling of sanctuary.

25 Feb 2013
EVRC House, Zapopan, Mexico
Architects: TaAG Arquitectura
New Home in Mexico - Contemporary Houses
image : Redo Arquitectura
The project design by TaAG Arquitectura is solved in a basic shape: a cube of three levels that sits with a half-buried level in the land, in which some orthogonal “parts” were removed to configure the interior space, getting very interesting floated prisms.

added 23 Mar 2012
Dakar Sow House, Senegal, western Africa
SAOTA Architects and Antoni Associates
Dakar House
photo from architects
Dakar Sow House
Situated on a cliffside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Villa Sow in Dakar, Senegal was completed in 2011, with SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects, the Architects and ANTONI ASSOCIATES doing the Interior Decor. The house was designed for a Senegalese businessman and his family.

Major Contemporary Houses added to this page:

Farnsworth House, Iliinois, USA
Design: Mies van der Rohe Architect
Farnsworth House
This residence is a classic example of 20th century modern architecture.

Dupli.Casa, Germany
Ludwigsburg house
picture : David Franck Photographie
The geometry of the building is based on the footprint of the house that previously was located on the site. Originally built in 1984 and with many extensions and modifications since then, the new building echoes the ‘family archaeology’ by duplication and rotation. Lifted up, it creates a semi-public space on ground level between two layers of discretion.

Desert Beach House, Peru
Desert House Peru
image from architect practice
Recent design of a contemporary beach house located in the desert coast of Peru. This modern house is organized into three levels: the first level contains all service areas, garage and guest rooms; the second level comprises the house principal rooms; and the third one is intended to be the social areas: kitchen, living-room, dining-room, terrace and swimming pool.

Devoto House, Argentina
Casa Devoto Cordoba
photograph : Alejandro Peral
The lot of 18 x 24 meters between two existing buildings that threatens the project when the problem of isolation and view. For this reason this project is leaning towards its neighbor, creating an introspective posture that creates the views from the inside rather than from the outside.

Key Contemporary Homes alphabetical:

Dingleton Boiler House, Scotland
Dingleton Boiler House
image from architect

Dirk Cove House, Ireland
Dirk Cove House
photograph © Niall McLaughlin

The Dome House, Australia
Dome House
picture © John Gollings

Dublin house, Ireland
Dublin home
photo : Henrietta Willliams

Duncan House, Scotland
Duncan House
photo : Andrew Lee

Dunedin Street Residence, Australia
Dunedin Street Residence
photo © Shannon McGrath

East of Market House, USA
East of Market House
photo © Lara Swimmer

Element House, Korea
Element House
photo : Park Wan Soon

Ellenvale Extension, County Down, Ireland
County Down house
photo : Paul Tierney

Ellsworth Residence, USA
Ellsworth Residence
image : Bill Timmerman

Enatai House, USA
Enatai House Bellevue
photo © Gregg Krogstad

Erlenbach House, Switzerland
Erlenbach House - Contemporary Houses
photograph : Heinrich Helfenstein

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