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Architecture Walking Tours FAQ

Architectural Walks – tailored for groups – city guides to suit all

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Architecture Walks – How does it Work?

Architectural Walking Tours FAQ

This page is Architecture Walking Tours FAQ – frequently asked questions.

e-architect has been operating Architecture Walking Tours for groups since 2001.

e-architect primarily operate architectural walking tours but also offer city cycle and bus tours.

Our tour guides all have an architectural background and many of them are also architects. We have a suggested itinerary for each city but many of Clients request tailored architectural walking tours. Please consider how much time you need for your tour and your preferred mode of transport – some tours work well by bicycle or bus, but typically walking is preferred.

We are more than happy to accommodate your needs and interests for your architectural tour.

Architecture Walking Tours FAQ
photo © Craig Sheppard

Architecture Tours FAQ

Freqeuntly Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I join a group?

– As our guided tours are all tailored to suit each booking we do not allow for bookings to be joined up. Our guided tours are all exclusive to each client.

2. How long does a guided tour last?

– We recommened a minimum 3 hours, but tours can last for as long as you like depending on what areas you are interested in.

3. What are the guides’ backgrounds?

– All e-architect guides are either architects working full or part-time, or have a background as architectural historians or architectural writers.

4. Will the guided tour all happen on foot?

– Depending on the location of the buildings you would like to see and discuss. Most guided architecture tours are entirely on foot, however some cities lend themselves to bikes eg Amsterdam or Barcelona. Transport can be arranged for an extra fee, eg a bus or taxi to take guests to outlying buildings.

5. Will I be able to visit buildings internally?

– Some buildings will be visited and discussed both externally and internally. Depending on opening times and controls residential, office and government buildings can restrict interior visits. We always try to accommodate our client’s needs and if booked far enough in advance we can try to provide access to some restricted interiors. Following the COVID-19 pandemic it is harder to bring large groups into and through spaces, therefore the focus has shifted to more external visits.

6. Will refreshments/lunch be included?

– We are happy to recommend suitable cafes/restaurants should your guided tour span lunch time. However lunch and refreshments are not included.

Please refer to the link below for our terms and conditions.

Guided tour fees on application to [email protected]

Architecture Walking Tours Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for payments, cancellations, and changes

e-architect Ltd is the Tour Operator

Our Tours are specially arranged tours with tailored programs for groups of minimum amount of persons.

The following terms and conditions apply for payments, cancellations, and changes.

1) The Customer shall approve in writing the offer issued by the Tour Operator. The approved offer is binding on the customer. After your confirmation we will email the customer their invoice.

2) If the Customer fails to make the payments as per the offer issued by the Tour Operator following approval of the offer, the Tour Operator has the right to cancel the agreement. On such an occasion, the Tour Operator is entitled to charge a fee corresponding to a cancellation fee.

3) The Customer has the right to cancel the order. The cancellation should be in writing and is effective upon its receipt by the Tour Operator. Changes in travelling dates will be treated as cancellations.
Less than 14 days prior to tour: 100% of the tour price

4) The Tour Operator reserves the right to change the programme and schedule according to the availability of the requested services, and the prevailing weather conditions. The Tour Operator reserves the right to modify tour details.

5) The prices are quoted as a total group price. Changes in the number of participants or dates are treated as cancellations. On such occasions, the Customer shall pay a cancellation fee, which covers the additional costs incurred by the change in the group size and the cancellation fee as stated in Section 4.

6) If acceptable changes are made in the programme after the approval of the offer, there will be an administration charge depending on the work involved.

7) The Tour Operator reserves the right to change the prices according to unforeseeable changes in currency exchange rates.

8) The Tour operator has the right to alter the tour date without liability for compensation to the client for any force major event that prevents the tour being organised at the agreed time. Such an event could be, for example, a natural disaster. Should the change in the Tour schedule give rise to cancellation fees payable by the Tour Operator, the Tour Operator has the right to alter the price payable by the Client accordingly.

9) In the event of a major situation that arises during the Tour, preventing the Tour itinerary from being executed according to the offer, the Tour Operator shall not be responsible for additional costs incurred due to possible changes to the itinerary. An example of such a situation would be a local strike.

10) The Tour will commence and finish at the agreed times changes to this due to late arrival or adverse weather conditions will not result in refund. If the group are not ready to start the Tour within 30 minutes of the agreed commencement time the Tour guide is at liberty to abandon the Tour. If the Tour does proceed late the Tour guide is at liberty to finish the tour at the agreed finish time.

Any disputes shall be settled at the Edinburgh District Court.
We strongly recommend that participants in the Tour take out a travel insurance that covers possible additional costs and cancellation charges.

The Tour referred to in this Contract is not a package tour as stipulated by the Package Travel Act and thus the terms and conditions stipulated by the Act shall not be applicable. This applies mainly to the right to cancel the Tour – regardless of the grounds – at no cost or at the cost of administration expenses. Clause 3 of this Contract shall be applied to all cancellations.

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e-architect welcome requests to work for us as architectural guides and of course from people interested in sourcing a city tour.

Architecture Walking Tours
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