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Pier Luigi Nervi, Italy

20th Century Italian Engineer-Architect: Architettura Italia – Modern Structures

14 Apr 2016

Pier Luigi Nervi News

George Washington Bridge Bus Station Building Renovation, Northern Manhattan, New York, NY, USA
George Washington Bridge Bus Station by Pier Luigi Nervi Architect, Engineer
image from architects
New York Building by Dr. Pier Luigi Nervi – renewal
The George Washington Bridge Bus Station (GWBBS), which opened on January 17, 1963, was designed by the noted Italian engineer-architect of the 1960 Olympic Stadium in Rome and other world-renowned structures, reports www.panynj.gov. The bus station received the Concrete Industry Board’s 1963 award as the structure in the metropolitan area that represents the best in conception, originality and applicability of concrete, both in design and construction.

Pier Luigi Nervi – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Pier Luigi Nervi (PLN), alphabetical:

Maison de L’UNESCO / UNESCO Building, Paris VIIe, France
Date built: 1958
Design: Marcel Breuer & PLN, Architects
UN Building Paris
picture © Rebecca Breun

Australian Embassy Building, Paris, France
Date built: 1978
Architects: Harry Seidler, with Marcel Breuer and PLN
Australian Embassy Paris
photograph © Rebecca Breun
Australian Embassy Building Paris
The UNESCO Building Paris is by two of the most famous architects in the history of Modern Architecture. Another Marcel Breuer building is the Whitney Museum in New York.

Palazzetto dello Sport, Rome, Italy
Date built: 1958
Palazzetto dello Sport Rome by Pier Luigi Nervi
photo © Adrian Welch
Palazzetto dello Sport Roma

UNESCO Building, Paris, France
Date built: 1958

WW2 Aircraft Hangar, Orvieto, Italy
Date built: 1939

More designs by this 20th Century Italian Engineer-Architect online soon

Location: Rome, Italy

Practice Information

This 20th Century Italian Architect Engineer was the RIBA Gold Medal Winner in 1960.

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Pier Luigi was born in Sondrio and attended the Civil Engineering School of Bologna, from which he graduated in 1913. After graduation, Nervi joined the Society for Concrete Construction. He spent several years in the Italian army during World War I from 1915–18, when he served in the Corps of Engineering. His formal education was quite similar to that experienced by today’s civil engineering student in Italy. From 1961-62 he was the Norton professor at Harvard University.

Most of his built structures are in his native Italy, but he also worked on projects abroad. His first project in the United States was the George Washington Bridge Bus Station. He designed the roof which consists of triangle pieces which were cast in place. This building is still used today by over 700 buses and their passengers.
source: wikipedia

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