Central Mosque of Pristina, Kosovo Religious Building Design, Architecture, Architect

Central Mosque of Pristina, Kosovo

Religious Building Competition Entry – design by Taller 301 Architects

18 Apr 2013

Pristina Central Mosque Competition Entry

Design: Taller 301, Architects

Location: Pristina, Kosovo

Mosque Building in Pristina

Kosovo is a country rich in tradition and has had to confront tough issues in recent years. Now, it is a good time to look back, and to see the way forward. The main idea is to re-interpret the elements that constitute the Mosque, without pushing the limits of the already established principles of Islamic Architecture.

Central Mosque of Pristina Kosovo design by Taller 301 Architects
image from architect

In Islamic tradition, the circle is the perfect geometrical figure representing, in an abstract way, the perfect God. The circle and the light are the integrative elements of our design.

Center of a modern community
The mosque, being the focal point of the community, creates/nourishes everyday life around it. In addition, the mosque itself should be of a modern quality, like its users and the buildings it sits amongst.

A community base
The base that the prayer hall sits upon relates its program to the adjacent uses, binding them all together. Continuing this line of thought, a Hamam is incorporated to our design, the shops are solved in an Arasta typology, both are tying it further to its community and its history. This way, the mosque contributes and gives way to the development of the city.

Central Mosque of Pristina Kosovo
image from architect

A fresh reading of history
The tradition of a dome, a revak, and a courtyard are very strong in Mosque architecture. These traditional forms are kept, but modified to adapt the site/context, and given a more contemporary formal quality.

A new light / structure
Mimar Sinan used domes for two reasons: to create the largest possible uninterrupted, unified, homogenous volume and to maximize the light in the space. The design strives to his original intentions but uses modern technology to achieve the forms.

Central Mosque of Pristina Kosovo
image from architect

Individual and Collective
Prayer being an individual and a collective activity, at the same time: People communicate with Allah in many ways. The prayer hall responds to this diversity in its design. A gradient of spaces allow for intimate moments of private reflection and for a collective space of grandeur.

All for one
The site context is diverse and the design relates to each in its own way – formal toward the main street, a magnificent interior prayer hall, and intimate and natural toward the back of the site. The different elements of the Mosque act together to form a collective / holistic gesture. Much like the worshipers themselves – a series of individuals coming together to form a diverse, yet harmonious whole.

Central Mosque of Pristina Kosovo Central Mosque of Pristina Kosovo
images from architect

This project will be locally grounded with its array of historical, yet contextual community programs. It will speak to its users by formally providing a range of spaces for relating to God. Simultaneously, it will be a symbol of the world of both Islam and Kosovo’s rich history, laying the groundwork for the future.

Central Mosque of Pristina Kosovo Central Mosque of Pristina Kosovo Central Mosque of Pristina Kosovo
images from architect

Central Mosque of Prishtina images / information from Taller 301

Mosque of Prishtina Competition: http://cmprcompetition.com/?p=171.

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