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Esther Tower in Jerusalem

10 Jun 2022

Architects: HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Esther Tower Jerusalem Israel

Photos: Ivan Němec and Pavlína Schultz

Esther Tower, Israel

Jerusalem is, not only for me, an enchanting city. In the spring of 2017, my friend Lukáš Přibyl, who is also the head of the Czech Centre in Tel Aviv, approached me with news that he and Mrs. Francoise Cafri from the Jerusalem Municipality possibly found a way to build an artistic object, a tower, in the center of Jerusalem. And that it would be a great way of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia, as well as the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel. Of course I did not hesitate, not even for a second.

Esther Tower Jerusalem Israel

Esther Tower Jerusalem Israel

Right away we set to work and an idea occurred to us: that the tower should resemble a cactus. Why? Well, when a cactus blooms with a beautiful garland of flowers, in its resilient and prickly nature it is a movingly beautiful plant. I found it symbolic. This combination of tenderness and determination was, as I noticed, similar to the character of the people I had encountered in Israel. Furthermore – what do we call Israelis born in this spectacular yet somewhat hostile land, who manage to turn deserts into blossoming gardens? Sabra. A cactus! So, we found ourselves constructing a sabra in order to celebrate the people who possess the strength, courage and toughness, yet also have much love for and devotion to their country.

Esther Tower Jerusalem Israel Esther Tower Jerusalem Israel

The Esther Tower is topped with a platform where, like with the cacti flowers, individual petals of the outer cladding peel up, allowing visitors to take delight in observing the beautiful environs while sheltered from harsh sunlight or inclement weather.

Esther Tower Jerusalem Israel

Esther Tower Israel

We paid a lot of attention to adjusting the parameters of the tower to the fairy tale-like setting of the Hansen House and its gardens – so that it wouldn’t try to outshine the historical building, but rather be a humble companion to the old olive trees and other plants in the garden, as well as houses in the immediate vicinity of the Hansen compound.

Esther Tower Israel

Esther Tower Israel

To make the project as easy to complete as possible, we manufactured all individual components in the Czech Republic, so they could fit into two large containers. Those were then shipped to Jerusalem and assembled in the Hansen garden according to the design.

Esther Tower Jerusalem

Esther Tower Jerusalem

The highlight of this entire project is the feeling that our cactus will become a new landmark in a region that is the cradle to the world civilization. Thus, this rather small building will become the embodiment of a deep symbolic message.

Esther Tower Jerusalem

Esther Tower Jerusalem

Esther Tower in Jerusalem, Israel – Building Information

Authors: HAMR – Martin Rajniš, Tomáš Kosnar –
Construction start: 16.10.2017
Opening ceremony: 9.11.2017
Height of the viewing platform: 12m
Height of the visitor’s eyesight: +/- 13,5m
Height of the entire structure: 15,4m
Column span: 2,3m
Base diameter at ground level: 4m
Diameter of the viewing platform: 5,8m
Construction materials: timber, steel, ETFE foil, concrete

Coauthors: TIMBERDESIGN – Zbyněk Šrůtek
Cooperation: Maik Engineering – Gilad Maik

Esther Tower Israel

Photography: Ivan Němec and Pavlína Schultz

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Location: Jerusalem, Israel, the Middle East

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