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New Tintagel Castle Bridge, Cornwall

Cornish Footbridge Architecture – historic crossing from the mainland to the island in Southwest England, UK

8 Aug 2019

New Tintagel Castle Bridge Opening

New Tintagel Castle Bridge Cornwall Opening

13 Dec 2018

New Tintagel Castle Bridge

Design: Ney & Partners engineers and William Matthews Associates Architectural Practice

A new breathtaking footbridge for Cornwall’s Tintagel Castle

Opens May 2019

A dramatic new footbridge will open at Tintagel Castle in May 2019, helping people to better understand the Cornish castle, improve access to the island, and help to preserve and conserve the landscape, English Heritage announced today.

• Bridge will recreate the historic crossing from the mainland to the island

• Twin cantilevered structure will span approximately 70 metres with a narrow gap in the middle

• Part of a £5m English Heritage project to protect the site’s archaeology and ecology

Tintagel Castle Bridge Contest Design by Ney & Partners

This historic Cornish structure has captured the imagination of visitors for generations, not least because of its link to the legends of King Arthur.

Today the remains of the 13th-century castle can be seen on both the mainland and the jagged island jutting into the sea but Tintagel’s divided landmasses were once united by a narrow strip of land. The castle remains on the island are currently reached via a challenging steep staircase but English Heritage’s new bridge will follow the path of the original land bridge, allowing visitors to experience the castle as its historic inhabitants once did.

Cornwall Bridge Contest Design by Ney & Partners

Designed by Ney & Partners engineers and William Matthews Associates Architectural Practice, the new footbridge will be a striking feat of engineering.

Tintagel Castle footbridge design by Ney & Partners

Set 57 metres above sea level, the bridge will consist of two independent cantilevers of approximately 30 metres length each that reach out and almost touch in the middle. At the centre, a narrow gap (40mm) has been designed to represent the transition between the mainland and the island, the present and the past.

The bridge has been designed to be as slight as possible in order to be as unobtrusive as possible and also to reflect the historical land bridge. So significant was the original narrow access that it gave rise to the stronghold’s name, the Cornish Din Tagell meaning ‘the Fortress of the Narrow Entrance’.

For more information, visit www.english-heritage.org.uk/tintagel

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Tintagel Castle Bridge Competition Winner

Tintagel Castle Bridge Concept Winning Design by Ney & Partners and William Matthews Associates

English Heritage announced today, March 23 2016, that the team led by Ney & Partners – with emerging UK-based architectural practice William Matthews Associates – has won this Cornwall Bridge Design Competition.

Tintagel Castle Bridge Contest Design by Ney & Partners

Tintagel Castle Bridge Contest Designs

Announced in September 2015, the shortlisted teams for this spectacular Cornish crossing were chosen from 137 Expressions of Interest:

– Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes with Terrell (France)
– Marks Barfield Architects with Flint and Neill (UK)
– Ney & Partners with William Matthews Associates (Belgium)
– Niall McLaughlin Architects with Price and Myers (UK)
– RFR and Jean-François Blassel Architecte, with EngineersHRW, and WSP (France)
– WilkinsonEyre with Atelier One (UK)

Tintagel Castle Bridge Contest
Cornwall Castle Building

Tintagel Castle Bridge Contest
Castle in Cornwall

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Tintagel Castle Cornwall

Location: Cornwall, Southwest England, UK

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