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Jachtclub Scheveningen Den Haag

9 November 2021

Location: Tweede Haven, Scheveningen, The Hague, the Netherlands

Design: Studio Komma

Floating pavilion opens in Scheveningen harbour, The Hague

Jachtclub Scheveningen Den Haag building

Photos © Studio Komma ; drone photos of construction: DPI

Scheveningen Yacht Club, The Hague

In the harbour of Scheveningen, in the city of The Hague, the new pavilion of the Scheveningen Yacht Club has been completed. The clubhouse is an energy-neutral floating structure in the heart of the harbour and is designed by Studio Komma.

Jachtclub Scheveningen Den Haag building

The pavilion as a vibrant centerpiece of the harbor

The floating clubhouse is located in the heart of the harbour, with a panoramic roof terrace and a generous clubroom that opens to the surrounding quays and moorings. There is a level below the waterline where technology and sanitary facilities have been accommodated.

Jachtclub Scheveningen Den Haag building

The building is omnidirectional and its architecture responds to the sometimes hundreds of meters long sightlines across and along the harbor quays. The horizontal white bands connect the open and closed program sections and direct the gaze over the equally white yachts. The filling with Padouk wood between the bands also refers to the nautical environment. In the midst of the vast context, the building looks special and compact. And thanks to its materialization it intuitively fits into its surroundings.

Jachtclub Scheveningen Den Haag building

Technically challenging

The dimensions are challenging for a floating building and seek the limits of the various lock works that had to be passed during transport. The combination of the asymmetrical structure and its location in a tidal harbor (with seawater flowing in and out) make it necessary to carefully distribute weight to counteract imbalance. Because it is a seaport, the structure moves a few meters with the tide and is therefore anchored to the harbor floor with two scaffolding poles. The installations are also connected to the shore by flexible connections.

Jachtclub Scheveningen Den Haag building

Energy-neutral and resistant to the harsh coastal climate

Sustainability plays a major role in the project. The floating form in combination with the location presented the design team with a number of tough challenges, but they succeeded in realizing an energy-neutral building. An important contribution to this was made by the heat pump incorporated in the floating structure, which makes use of the constant temperature of the seawater.

Scheveningen harbour pavilion site plan

Specific attention is given to future-proofing the building and the design is been experienced in conjunction with the users. The detailing and materialization are carefully chosen and resistant to the challenging weather conditions that occur on this part of the coast.

Floor plan layout level 0:
Floating pavilion in Scheveningen harbour, The Hague plan

Floor plan layout level 1:
Scheveningen harbour floating pavilion in The Hague plan layout

Jachtclub Scheveningen Den Haag – Building Information

Client: Jachtclub Scheveningen
Location: Tweede Haven, Scheveningen
Start design: 2017
Completion: 2021

Architect: Studio Komma
Project team: Maarten Thewissen, Joost van Rooijen

(Nautical) constructions: SWINN, Bartels & Vedder
Installations en acoustics: Deerns

Contractor floating structure: De Blauwe Wimpel
Contractor finishing works: Verbakel Bouwbedrijf

Images © Studio Komma / droneshots harbour: DPI

Jachtclub Scheveningen Den Haag building

Studio Komma

Studio Komma is an architectural firm based in the center of The Hague, founded by Joost van Rooijen and Maarten Thewissen. The firm started in 2015 after winning the international Europan 12 competition, and has developed in recent years into a multi-disciplinary architecture firm that works on assignments for various users at different scales.

Studio Komma focuses on architecture that puts the happiness and health of the end user first. We do this by questioning the status quo, with the aim of adding value and connecting people, in the broadest sense of the word and interwoven through all design phases.

Floor plan layout level -1:
Scheveningen harbour pavilion in The Hague floor plan layout

Since its inception, Studio Komma has been successful in competitions and has been able to build a diverse portfolio. This resulted in the following won competitions and tenders:

• Europan 12: Koemarkt Schiedam (masterplan, 2014)
• Prijsvraag Ambyerveld Maastricht (housing, 2015)
• Zorg 2.0 te Horst (health care, 2016)
• Kavel 2 prijsvraag: ZIP2516 The Hague (mixed use, 2017)
• Zorgcommunity Velp (health care, 2017)
• Kazerneterrein Simons Stevin Ede (housing, 2018)
• Janninkkwartier Enschede (housing, 2018)
• ’s-Gravenweteringpark Capelle a/d IJssel (housing, 2019)
• Lindenhof Lisse (housing, 2020)
• De Silo Apeldoorn (housing, 2021)

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Location: Tweede Haven, Scheveningen, Den Haag, the Netherlands, western Europe

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