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UnSchool Copenhagen Design Competition News

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27 Mar 2020

UnSchool Copenhagen Design Competition Winners

UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition Winners News

1st Prize
Miriam Fenner, Oliver Fenner
United Kingdom

UnSchool Copenhagen Design Competition Winner

2nd Prize
Guenter Barczik, Farzad Akhavan, Stephan Griese

UnSchool Copenhagen Design Competition 2nd Prize

3rd Prize
Kang MinWoo, Koo DongWon, Kong MinKyu
South Korea

UnSchool Copenhagen Design Competition 3rd Prize


Seweryn Trzyna (Poland)
UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition

Francesco Pulice (Italy)
UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition

Ingmar Klappe (Netherlands)
UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition

Ekin Erar, Zhiyi Chen (USA)
UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition

Rohit Mankar (India)
UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition

Carlos Chiver, Luis Lopez, Mariana Hernandez (Mexico)
UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition

Maria Korneeva, Aliya Mirobdalova (Russia)
UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition

Kim Hayeon, Kim Haerim (South Korea)
UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition

Ameesh, Hari Pulibandla (India)
UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition

Robin Le Bourhis, Ben Stojanik (Ireland)
UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition

UnSchool Copenhagen Design Competition by Switch

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5 Nov 2019

UnSchool Copenhagen Design Competition by Switch

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

UnSchool Copenhagen Architecture Competition



The world is facing a huge learning crisis. Education systems have become so generic and systemic that it doesn’t provide personal, innovative and optimized care to its pupils. While countries have significantly increased access to education, being in school isn’t the same thing as learning. Worldwide, hundreds of millions of children reach young adulthood without even the most basic skills like calculating the correct change from a transaction, reading a doctor’s instructions, or understanding a bus schedule—let alone building a fulfilling career or educating their children.

Education is at the center of building human capital. Delivered well, education – along with the human capital it generates – benefits individuals and societies. But Pedagogy faces a real test in today’s times for it has remained very stagnant and rigid in its discourse. One big reason the learning crisis persists is that many education systems across the developing world have little information on who is learning and who is not.

UnSchool Copenhagen Design Competition

Schools are supposed to be the real ‘Innovation Incubators’ that shape children of the future. Schools ought to inspire wonder, creativity and innovation through teaching and learning. Schools should offer welcoming environments that instill confidence to pursue our dreams and interests. Schooling environment, since the industrial revolution has done very less to revamp their gloomy, isolated and lifeless spaces.

The competition seeks the creation of a ‘school for the future’ (age group 5-12) that completely negates the regularized building typology of existing ones. The competition seeks to radicalize the school system through architecture not only in terms of improving the quality of study environment but revamping the system and breaking all the physical and metaphorical class divisions into an entirely new school system.

The participants should devise new pedagogical systems that would negate the generic teaching strategies and give more importance to personal interests and aspirations of the students. The competition seeks ideas from participants to create a fun environment for a middle school that understands the individual needs of each child yet being very collaborative in nature.
Please refer to the AUTOCAD file for the exact sizes


Prizes worth EUR 2500 are up for claim with the distribution as follows:
Apart from the winners, the jury will select ’10 Editors’ Choices’ who will be featured on our website and several other international magazines and websites across the world. The winners and Editors’ Choices will be provided with an honorary certificate.


The competition is open to everyone in the world (architects, students, engineers etc.). You can participate individually or in a team. A team can have a maximum of three members only.

Early registration: – 1st November 2019- 30th November 2019
•For foreign nationals: 40 EUR PER TEAM
•For Indian nationals: 1200 INR PER TEAM
Standard registration: – 1st December 2019- 31st January 2020
•For foreign nationals: 60 EUR PER TEAM
•For Indian nationals: 1500 INR PER TEAM
Late registration: – 1st February 2020- 28th February 2020
•For foreign nationals: 80 EUR PER TEAM
•For Indian nationals: 1800 INR PER TEAM
Submission deadline: 29th February 2020
Result: 25th March 2020
*All deadlines are 11:59 PM- 00:00 IST (India)


As a part of our initiative to encourage more student participation, we offer great discounts if a minimum of 5 teams register from one particular architecture school/university. Contact us at [email protected] to avail the offer.


•Switch reserves the right to modify the competition schedule if deemed necessary.
•Participant teams will be disqualified if any of the competition rules or submission requirements are not considered. Participation assumes acceptance of the regulations.
•Team code is the only means of identification of a team as it is an anonymous competition.
•The official language of the competition is English.
•The registration fee is non-refundable.
•Contacting the Jury is prohibited.


Please see the terms and conditions section on www.switchcompetition.com


This is an open international competition hosted by Switch to generate progressive design ideas. There are no plans for any proposal to be built. The competition is organized for education purpose only.


Website: www.switchcompetition.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/switchcompetition
Instagram: www.instagram.com/switchcompetition

UnSchool Copenhagen Design Competition information / images received 051119

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark, northern Europe

Copenhagen School Buildings

Copenhagen School Buildings

Copenhagen School Building Designs Selection

The School on Islands Brygge, Secondary School, Artillerivej 126, 2300 København S
Design: C.F. Møller Architects
Islands Brygge School Copenhagen building
photo : Adam Mørk
Islands Brygge School Copenhagen Building

New Islands Brygge School
Design: C.F. Møller Architects
New Islands Brygge School
image courtesy of architects
New Islands Brygge School in Copenhagen

Copenhagen International School in Nordhavn, Levantkaj – CIS Nordhavn
Design: C.F. Møller Architects
Copenhagen International School in Nordhavn
photograph : Adam Moerk
Copenhagen International School in Nordhavn

Extension to Gentofte School Building
Design: Arkitema Architects
Extension to Gentofte School in Copenhagen
image courtesy of architects
Extension to Gentofte School

South Harbour School, Støberigade
Design: JJW Architects
South Harbour School Copenhagen Building
photograph : Torben Eskerod
South Harbour School in Copenhagen

Bagsværd Skole
Design: Nohr & Sigsgaard Architects
Bagsvaerd School
image courtesy of architects
Bagsvaerd School Copenhagen Building

The School of Bakkegaarden
Design: CEBRA Architects
Bakkegaard School

School Buildings

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Copenhagen Walking Tours

Copenhagen Building News

Dortheavej Apartments, Copenhagen, Denmark
Design: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
Dortheavej Apartments in Copenhagen
photo : Rasmus Hjortshoj
Dortheavej Apartments in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Architect

Copenhagen Business School

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