Wuhan Creative Design Center Building

Wuhan Creative Design Center Building, WISCO Works, New Chinese Architecture Photos

Wuhan Creative Design Center, China

6 August 2021

Design: Office for Urban Renewal, Architects

Location: Wuhan City, Hubei province, People’s Republic of China

Wuhan Creative Design Center by Office for Urban Renewal

Wuhan Creative Design Center building

Photos by Anqi Liu

Wuhan Creative Design Center Building News

The site here was a dormitory of Wuhan Iron And Steel Corporation (WISCO), built in Russian style 70 years ago. The target building was original No.3 primary school and located on the central axis of the community. Through various design strategies such as architecture, interior, landscape and exhibition, architects jointly tried to convey the organic renewal view, the historical view and human view.

Wuhan Creative Design Center building

Based on this multi-level and multi-scale positioning, the practise firstly unlock the largest public open space on the central axis, while completely retain the existing teaching buildings, demolish the playground and other buildings, and present a complete facade of the historical building on the south side. The “Honggang Hill” landscape-architectural design connects it with the city’s core facilities on the south side and reserves a main entrance as well. The “Honggang Crown” platform on the roof can visually link the Yangtze River on the north side with the entire Honggang City area on the south side.

Wuhan Creative Design Center building

This design specifically retains the four metasequoias on the south side of the building, and creates the visual sense of “meteasequoia forest” and conveys the deep ecological concept, by taking advantage of the location of those trees through highly reflective materials and using highly reflective materials.

Wuhan Creative Design Center site plan

The north elevation retains the original appearance of the historical building as much as possible, and shows the traces of various historical periods as much as possible, including red bricks in the 1950s, stone-washed stones in the 70s, ceramic tiles in the 90s, and contemporary steel mesh. The steel mesh not only puts a layer of “new clothes” on the building, but also let people vaguely sees its former grace though the mesh.

Wuhan Creative Design Center China spiral stair

The “Honggang Crown” on the roof is very iconic. Firstly, it highlights “red” trait of Honggang City; Secondly, it pays tribute to Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, the representative work of WISCO 70 years ago; Thirdly, the design adheres to the concept of “structure is decorative”, which is neither excessively designed, but can also demonstrate the technological achievements of today’s Wuhan precision manufacturing.

Wuhan Creative Design Center building spiral staircase

The entrance landscape is firstly descended and then ascended. The atmosphere created by “yesterday’s eaves” gives people the illusion that they are walking over the grass land when they were still children and playing games with cats and clouds on the red roof. The partially replaced glass tiles evoke the memories of going to the house and uncovering tiles when being children. It is unique when combined with luminous lighting.

Wuhan Creative Design Center building

The main entrance of the building was redesigned with red brick. On the one hand, old materials were used to show the warmth of history; On the other hand, a variety of new tiling techniques were tried to express contemporary design concepts. Many innovative architectural structures are hidden in jagged tiles and arc-shaped rain sheds.

Wuhan Creative Design Center China facade

The overall interior design is based on the concept of keeping the original spatial scale as much as possible. In order to achieve such a goal, extremely high requirements are placed on the electromechanical design. The overall interior design style explored dialogue between the ruggedness of history and the exquisiteness of fashion, showing a unique artistic tension.

Chinese spiral staircase interior design

The spiral staircase with the theme of “Honggang Spirit” is the soul of interior design, also an unresisting checkpoint for tourists. As a vertically linked spiral staircase, the side is wrapped with red steel plates. In two months, the design has undergone four plan revisions. The new structural system and the continuous arc design from top to bottom show the agile effect of Honggang spirit.

Wuhan Creative Design Center building facade

Wuhan Creative Design Center, Hubei – Building Information

Project name:Wuhan Creative Design Center
Location:Wuhan, Hubei province, People’s Republic of China
Function: Mixed-use
Client: OCT Wuhan
Client team:CHU Yunhong, DAI Hongquan, YANG Xu, HE Xin, ZHU Zehua, CHEN Hua, SUN Hong, LU Fei
Architectural design:Office for Urban Renewal
Website: https://www.our-group.cn

Photos of the interior design:

Wuhan Creative Design Center building interior design

Wuhan Creative Design Center interior design arch

Wuhan Creative Design Center interior design bathroom

Wuhan Creative Design Center interior design display

Wuhan Creative Design Center interior design foyer

Wuhan Creative Design Center interior bar stools

Lead architects:LING Yingsong
Design team:LING Yingsong, WANG Kexiang, GAO Yibin, HUANG Rui, HUANG Longchen
Landscaping design:Office for Urban Renewal
Interior design:Office for Urban Renewal
Building area:4703㎡
Cost: 8 million USD
Project start: May, 2020
Completion: April, 2021

Wuhan Creative Design Center building

Photography: LIU Anqi

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Location: Wuhan, China

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