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Simple Improvements to Modernise Houses

26 Sep 2019

Simple Improvements to Modernise Properties

When people live in a home for a long period of time it is easy to become used to your surroundings and therefore not look to make changes.  This usually ends in two ways; the first is that people never really make the changes that may be required, and the home remains the same or that the homeowners may put the home up for sale to move to a home that is more modern. 

There are a lot of simple things that people can do in order to improve the home interior.  This does not need to be laborious or time consuming and some of these things can be done quickly with very little cost.  There is a UK Wood Flooring Store that has a lot of answers to this and will allow customers to think creatively about simple changes they can back to the floor of their homes.  Below are some suggestions on these interior improvements that can be implemented.

Simple Improvements to Modernise Homes

Wooden Flooring Options

Gone are the days when people used to have most of their homes covered in carpets.  These days are in the past and you will find that people now have a range of carpets, flooring and tiles depending on the setting they are looking for.  If you have a notion to rip up the carpets and replace with wooden flooring, then this is something that can be done easily and cheaply.

There are many different types of flooring that can be purchased which all have different levels of quality and ease of fitting.  Getting the balance right in this respect is important as if you do not plan this out effectively then you could end up getting sub-quality wood that may not even be fully suitable.

The first type of wood that you could receive is easy click.  This is a wooden floor that is connected and allows you to place and click into the floor.  Sounds simple, and in theory, it is, however, there is still a level of measuring and cutting required.  This sort of flooring seems to be popular nowadays as it is simpler to install and is competitive in terms of costs.  There does need to be a level of caution here though as although it is in theory simple – if the cutting is not completed correctly using the correct tools or the underlay is not of the best quality, you could end up completing a sub-standard job which would clearly affect the overall outcome of what you are trying to achieve.

There are many different qualities, styles and material mix up of wooden floors which have a wide range of prices.  These are a bit more complex to fit and if not experienced, once the materials are purchased, it may be better to get a more qualified person to complete this.  The general upkeep of any type of wooden floors is easy to achieve and there are specific wooden floor buffers that you could purchase if you chose to do so.  Alternatively, most household hoovers are effective enough in cleaning.


If you are purchasing a brand-new home, it is highly likely that this will come with double glazed windows which are good for keeping the heat in and noise from outside to a minimum.  Some older homes may not have this, and this is certainly an opportunity to modernise.  It is one of those things that are generally looked for from any potential buyer of a house as they are aware of the energy efficiencies connected to this.  If you decide to go down this route, then make sure that you get quotes from several companies first as the quotes on these sorts of things can be of a large range.  In addition, this is one area that you can probably haggle with.  Do not accept the first quote and go back for more.


Over the past few years, there has been a massive change in the level of technological advances for home and household products.  Here are some of these things to consider:

  • Music Speakers – You can have speakers installed in several rooms and control is via one central source so that if you are moving around the house, you will always have the same music playing in each of the zones.
  • CCTV – A way to protect your home is to have CCTV. This is a far more common purchase nowadays as it is no longer extremely difficult to install.  This not only helps deter potential robbers from the home but it also good to have in case there is a robbery, and this can help find the culprits.
  • Mood Lighting – You can have different interior lights in the home that can change colours or power in line with the mood you are looking to achieve.

Structural Changes

You may even decide that you are fed up of the actual structure of the house and you are keen to make some changes to that.  This could include knocking down (or even building) a wall of some sort.  This is a bit more of a project rather than a basic change and by doing this there are a few things you need to consider in advance.  The first thing is around approval.  You may not have the approval to make structural changes to your property – important to find this out in advance. 

The next thing to consider is around the longer-term valuation of the property.  For example, if you have a 4-bedroom house and you want to knock down a wall which would then make this a 3-bedroom house, this could potentially directly affect the overall valuation of the home.  The last thing to consider is around materials.  If you are building another wall or connection, make sure that you are using good quality materials that will not leave you with issues around dampness or structural quality problems longer term.

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