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World Architecture Developments in Feb 2013
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Biscornet Site Paris, Place de la Bastille, Paris, France : [BP] Architectures
Biscornet Place de la Bastille Building
photograph : Sergio Grazia
The building is highly responsive to changes in the light; the metallic character of the materials combined with its surface variations reinforces the interplay of contrasts and transforms perceptions of its colour. The aluminium façades can turn from mustard yellow to glittering gold in just a few seconds.

Sliced Porosity Block Chengdu, China – new films : Steven Holl Architects
Sliced Porosity Block China
image : Steven Holl Architects
Three large openings are sculpted into the mass of the towers as the sites of the pavilion of history, designed by Steven Holl Architects, the Light Pavilion by Lebbeus Woods, and the Local Art Pavilion. The Sliced Porosity Block is heated and cooled geo-thermally with 468 wells at 90 meters deep. The large ponds in the plaza harvest recycled rainwater, while the natural grasses and lily pads create a natural cooling effect. High-performance glazing, energy-efficient equipment and the use of regional materials are among the other methods employed to reach the LEED Gold rating.

Entre Arboles, Yucatan, Mexico : Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados
Entre Arboles Mexico
photo : Rolando Córdoba

St Leon 10, Cape Town, South Africa : SAOTA
St Leon 10 Cape Town
photo : SAOTA

Kilden Performing Arts Centre, Norway – new photographs : ALA Architects / SMS Arkitekter
Kilden Performing Arts Centre Norway
photo : Iwan Baan

Cultural Center of European Space Technologies Vitanje, Slovenia : Various Architects
Cultural Center of European Space Technologies Slovenia
photo : Tomaz Gregoric

Essence Financial Building Shenzhen, China : OMA
Essence Financial Building Shenzhen
image from architect

New South Glasgow Hospital , Scotland : IBI Nightingale
New South Glasgow Hospital Building
image from architects

Foros Yacht House, Crimea, Ukraine : Robin Monotti Architects
Foros Yacht House Ukraine
photo : Ioana Marinescu

Contemporary House in Stuttgart, Germany : Alexander Brenner Architekten
House in Stuttgart
photo from architect

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