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Contemporary Architecture

The phrases contemporary architects and contemporary architecture have obvious meanings but like modern architects and modern architecture the terminology is open to interpretation – shades of meaning.

Contemporary Architecture currently has less baggage (than Modern architecture), it is not affected by fall-out from the reign of a certain style.

Since the seventies architecture styles have become more fractured and we have – amongst what could be termed contemporary architects – post-modernists, neo-modernists, deconstructivists, contextualists, expressionists and so on.’

Canadian Architect Frank Gehry, resident in California, USA:
Contemporary Architects
image from STV

‘Contemporary Architects’ suggests a position that is anti-vernacular, comfortable with new materials and non-local materials & forms, using architectural language that is contemporary, ie not generally steeped in past typographies or traditions.

Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary Architect Definition

Thus in a quiet way the phrase ‘Contemporary Architects’ has a theoretical position comparable – but not similar – to ‘Modern Architects’. I would posit that ‘conservationist’, ‘traditionalist’, ‘classicist’ or ‘vernacular’ architects would feel their views and style are valid in the 21st century but generally would not wish to be called ‘contemporary architects’; for logical reasons there will be exceptions.

Celebrated architect Norman Foster:
Norman Foster Architect
image from Hotel Puerta America

Contemporary Architecture is not simply anti-vernacular but also architecture that can have a number of influences but still tries to be aspirational, visionary, risky and uses new materials in an innovative way. Major current architects tend to attempt to push at the boundaries of materials and technology, and, especially in recent decades, geometry. ‘Modern Architecture’ refers only to the architecture of the Modern Movement where ‘form follows function’ and the ‘house is a machine for living in’. But Modernism was such a significant movement, (and such a change in thinking at that time) and influenced all architects since, that it is not simply an architectural style like ‘Arts and Crafts’ or ‘High Tec’.

Almost every contemporary architect has been influenced by the Modern Movement. The architect Le Corbusier was for many the principal influence with his modern architecture of white walls, fenetre longuer, pilotis and architectural promenade. He described not only a vision of future cities with masterplanning sketches and models, but a form of ‘programme’ and ‘narrative’ for all buildings, but especially modern houses. He had a series of wealthy Clients and was successful in pushing boundaries in almost every building he worked on.

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Making Your Business Structure Contemporary

As mentioned, you can use various materials in an innovative manner with contemporary design. You can make your business structure contemporary by repurposing materials in a more modern design.

Do you want to implement a contemporary design for your business?  If yes, then, working with a contemporary architect can help that very design in your imagination come to life. Aside from architects, you can seek the help of other professionals to attain this goal.

For instance, if your business belongs to the hospitality industry, you can work with a developer and operator of food halls and restaurants. This way, you can learn the different business operational and legal facets of redesigning your hospitality structure. Choose one that offers top-notch culinary-driven concept solutions, including food halls, fast casual concepts, full-service restaurants, venues, hotels, and more. Furthermore, you can work with an experienced and trusted creative consulting and management group, such as Hospitality HQ.

Contemporary Buildings

Contemporary Architectural Designers

e-architect list contemporary architecture offices geographically (by country & city), alphabetically and historically (Modern and Historic categories). We feature over 1500 architects online. We are open to suggestions of good new architects that should be feature on the site.

Contemporary Architect Photos
Josep Lluis Mateo Architect
photo : Jordi Belver

Famous Contemporary Architects

Famous Contemporary Architecture Practices

Santiago Calatrava

David Chipperfield

Foster + Partners

Frank Gehry

Zaha Hadid

Steven Holl

Daniel Libeskind

Richard Meier

Jean Nouvel

Renzo Piano

Richard Rogers


Major Contemporary Architects

Major Contemporary Architectural Offices


Enric Miralles

Moshe Safdie

Alvaro Siza


Bernard Tschumi

Architect Zaha Hadid, who used to run a feted architecture practice in London, England:
Zaha Hadid Architect
portrait photograph : Steve Double

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You’ve just learned about different contemporary architects above. Working with designers like them can help you realize your contemporary design ideas. Whether you’re an architect yourself or a potential client, it pays off knowing the best contemporary architects you can possibly work with or whose work you can use as a resource.

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