Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu, Japan Hot Spring Resort Accommodation Image, Architect, Building

Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu Hotel, Japan

Contemporary Japanese Hotel Design – hot spring resort accommodation design by Nakayama Architects

20 Aug 2008

Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu

Hot Spring Resort Japan

Design: Nakayama Architects

This is a renovation project of a large hotel constructed at Noboribetsu Onsen, a famous hot spring resort in Japan.

Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu Hotel

In the 6600sqm of space from the basement to 10th floor, there used to be 130 guestrooms altogether. We have tried creating the new hotel as simple as possible such as enlarging each room and reducing their numbers to 40 and dismantling various types of rooms.

Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu Hotel Japan

The main theme of this project was to cast aside the dull image a typical large hotel usually have.

Hot Spring Resort Japan

My ideas were to scale down the size of the architecture as much as possible so that the hotel dimension fits the physical dimensions of its users, creatively use both high and low ceilings, segment the entire building, create each space inside so that they are in sequence, and place wide and narrow spaces alternately.

display space
Japanese Hot Spring Resort

These effects will call forth deep emotions and drama of spaces in the minds of hotel guests.

guest rooms
Hot Spring Resort Japan Hotel Japanese Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Noboribetsu Onsen Hotel Japan images / information from Office of Nakayama Architects Aug 2008

Noboribetsu Onsen Hotel Japan

Noboribetsu Onsen Hotel Noboribetsu Onsen Hotel Japan Noboribetsu Onsen Hotel

Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu Hotel images / information from Nakayama Architects

Nakayama Architects


Location: Noboribetsu, Japan, East Asia

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