Best penis pump for better, longer satisfaction

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Best Penis Pump For Better, Longer Satisfaction Advice, Bedtime sex guide, Female intimacy

Best Penis Pump For Better, Longer Satisfaction Guide

28 Apr 2020

Best Penis Pump For Better, Longer Satisfaction Guide

Guys don’t really think about sex all the time, you know. Well, at least not just for themselves. Men often come off as selfish and ignorant of women’s feelings but in reality, I think they really put their partner’s needs first too. As a man, don’t you agree with me when I say that we want our women to enjoy sexual intimacy as much as we do? Otherwise, the whole thing would be very bland and soulless. Sex is not just a one-way street, after all. Like communication, it has to be immersive and enjoyable for both parties.

This is why we of the male species also constantly look for more ways to bring “satisfaction” into our women’s lives. It’s really not just about us. We don’t just want to selfishly hoard all the happiness. We want our gals to feel just as much excitement and longing for the activity too.

But how do you improve exactly? What is it you have to do make your partner feel a stronger craving of you?

How To Enhance Your Sex Appeal By A Mile

Let’s face it: We are always the first to propose sex every time. Just got back together after a fight? Let’s have sex. Received happy news from work? Let’s have sex. Having a hard time dealing with your idiot boss? Let’s have sex. It’s really no secret but men just like to get down and dirty no matter the occasion (read more). This is because we get too easily aroused. Even the mere sight of a perfectly shaped bosom is enough to tickle you in all the right places. For women, unfortunately, it’s not that easy. But that doesn’t mean they are immune to the temptations of the flesh, though!

You know what they say: The longer, the better.

Some women won’t readily admit it but a longer and larger penis always boosts a man’s sex appeal by a mile. I even remember playing GTA on my PlayStation box for the first time and I was surprised to see that “increasing your character’s sex appeal” means enlarging his penis size. It was literally bulging on my character’s pants by the time I was satisfied. I guess if the hair is the crowning glory of the head, your thing-a-ma-jig down under is your royal sceptre. You can make any woman feel the urge to bow down and just gobble it right up it has such an imposing presence.

Trust me on this. As much as we fantasize about our girls doing all kinds of sex stunts; they’re pretty much lusting on us too. The only real problem is whether they have something note-worthy to fantasize about.

So here’s an idea. How about you actually put in the effort to get your woman to fantasize about seeing you tonight? Make your penis longer.

How To Increase Your Penis Size

Good Penis Pump For Long Satisfaction Guide

If you’re a little short on that department, you really don’t have to worry. Modern technology has solutions for that, fortunately. Now, you don’t really have to feel sorry for yourself for having such a limp dick. You don’t have to feel sorry for the missus too for having to put up with such a lame excuse for a penis. Nowadays, you can do something about it – science made sure of that.

Today, I introduce you to mankind’s most revolutionary invention towards improving your manhood – the penis pump.

If you’re not too familiar about what this best penis enlargement device is for, well, its other name is “penis extender” so that probably rings a bell or two already. It’s a cup-like device with a suction mechanism that goes in an up and down motion. It massages your penis with it in an upward-downward direction as if you’re masturbation. The aim is not to arouse you or make you climax, however. It’s to stretch your penis’s muscles and elongate them. Several studies show positive results from this device with results varying anywhere between 0.5 to 1.5 increase in penis length. Here is a website about penis pumps if you wish to know more.

Anyway, this is just a suggestion. But I’m pretty sure it’s a suggestion you’re very much willing to try. Otherwise, you won’t be here looking at this article right now. All I have to say for you is go for it! It’s 100% non-invasive so it’s not like you have anything to lose by giving it shot. But if it works, you’ll definitely gain BIG from it – know what I mean?

Is it Really Effective?

My ever skeptical nature has been compelled by curiosity. I found myself trying one out. Setting assumptive thoughts aside, secretly wishing that I would gain noticeable growth. I let it do its magic, feeling the vacuum around my very core. Did it work? For a short period of time, yes. But died down all the same, after the pump was removed. Penis pump effects may be different from one male to another. Wouldn’t you like to know if this would work for you too?

Toys for both men and women are a great way to explore your desires and keep things lively in the bedroom. There is now a large selection of toys available for you to try; these are made with various materials that feel and look like the real thing, delivering an exciting and sensuous feeling.

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