City of Sky, Vanke Office Interior, Restaurant and Retail Development, Chinese Sales Center Architecture

City of Sky in Vanke

Commercial Interior in Fuzhou Shi, China Sales Centre Building design by WJ Design

17 Mar 2019

City of Sky

Architect: WJ Design

Location: Vanke, Fuzhou Shi, China

City of Sky in Vanke
photo © Mingde HUANG

As the sales center of Unicity of Vanke being located in Fuzhou, WJ Design wanted to make a difference between City of Sky and traditional sales center. Instead of style, they pay more attention to the sense of life experience.

City of Sky in Vanke
photo © Mingde HUANG

A good space needs to be closely integrated with the surrounding buildings, environment, and even the needs of product extension. Design should start from the heart to express the natural flow, and bring it into the details of space design.

City of Sky in Vanke
photo © Qiang SHEN

The original site was a parking lot with three walls and a pedestrian entrance on the top. The space was dark. In the design considerations, the team focus on the users’ experience as the core. Two patios are implanted in such a closed space to introduce natural light.

City of Sky in Vanke
photo © Qiang SHEN

Through the ramp, the first thing we see is a water pool. The water’s flexibility brings more vitality to the building. WJ Design wanted to use the only external facade of the entire building as much as possible. Through the floor glass, the outdoor landscape can be visually integrated with the interior. At the same time, the mapping of the water surface also extends the indoor perspective appropriately.

City of Sky in Vanke
photo © Qiang SHEN

The pedestrian overpass is placed above the main entrance; the entrance space is defined by the overpass. Through the entrance, we can directly get into the indoor space, and the first thing we see is a large eave, which brings us a childhood memory. We used to climb the eaves to look at the sky, and what is floating under the eaves is called life.

Indoor patio links the entrance of the upper-level residential area so that two spaces get well connected. Rain and sunlight come in through the patio bringing us a more natural and real indoor experience. Natural space permeates each other, and people prefer to stay here.

City of Sky in Vanke
photo © Mingde HUANG

The interior design elements of City of Sky are modern but simple. Designers do not want to overload the space to present the sense of value. Every detail is centered on the human experience. The design idea reflects the feeling of space and the continuity for the future. This is not a style-fixed life, but a space flexible for all kinds of possibilities in life.

About the designer
Leo HU, Founder & design director of WJ Design. He graduated from China Academy of Art. He once worked at PROSHMA and GOA, also worked as technical director with Renzo Piano on Mr. Piano’s first project in China. In 2014, he founded WJ Design and leads the team to complete nearly one hundred projects in the last four years. His works have won a lot of international awards and participate in the INSIDE World Interior Design Award (2017–2018) for two consecutive years. He was awarded INSIDE Highly Commended (2018), Hong Kong. A&D Award (2018), Germany GDA Award (2017). He was named IDPA China-Japan International Pioneer Design Award – TOP10 International Most Influential Designer (2018), AD100 Elite Designer (2017).

In the current diversified architectural design, modern buildings are more aggressive, without the presentation of the initial aesthetic feeling of a building. Leo believes that architecture is recognized by time and memory. The aesthetics of the Orientals pay more attention to the initial natural beauty expressed by things themselves rather than the expression of their forms, and so are buildings. When we want to express its original beauty, we need to think about the true meaning of architecture for us, and see the truth of the object. The concept “less is more” is about more discovery less artificial design.

City of Sky in Vanke
photo © Qiang SHEN

2018 BO Space Highly Commended by the INSIDE AWARDS. Y20 Space is the shortlisted of 2018 INSIDE awards on office category.
2018 Y20 Space is honored by A&D Trophy Awards
2018 Y20 Space and Bo Space are honored by A&D China Awards
2018 TOP 10 of the Most Influential Designer of IDPA, Y20 space won the international Design Award Office & Culture Space SILVER
2018 The CREDAWARD, Real Estate Design Award,Gongchen Bund Center of Xihu won the EXCELLENT AWARD
2017 Elite List of “AD100”
2017 GDA (German Design Awards),MISA Studio won one of the most prestigious international awards in architectural design.
2017 MISA Studio was shortlisted by the INSIDE World Interior Festival Award at the WAF

City of Sky in Vanke
photo © Mingde HUANG

City of Sky, Vanke – Building Information

Building Designers: WJ Design
Location: Fuzhou, Fujian
Type: Sales Center
Area: 80sqm
Completed: Aug 2018

Client: Vanke
Design Firm: WJ Design
Lead Designer: Leo HU
Team: Xingbo YING, Jie ZHANG
Service: Architecture Renew, Interior Design, Landscape Design
Cooperator: YIZHI INTERIOR DESIGN (Decoration Design), TAIJIE
Lighting Design: (Yuxue XU Light Consultant)

City of Sky in Vanke
photo © Mingde HUANG

Photo credit: Qiang SHEN, Mingde HUANG

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Location: Fuzhou Shi, Fujian, China

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