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Why online casinos spend a fortune on their logo?

22 Oct 2019

The first thing a visitor notices when entering any website is the logo. As we all know the power of first impression, the logo represents the entire company and they want to be remembered for it.

When you think of the most popular icons, like Netflix, Google, Facebook, Apple, Starbucks, you can’t deny that first thing that comes to mind is their logo and it’s no wonder that gambling platforms also have come to spend thousands of dollars for a design.

Why online casinos spend a fortune on their logo?
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 Why is it so important for a company to have a logo?

A great logo helps you stand out from the competition and it’s the first step in showing the quality of your website to the audience. If “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”, then the logo is the mirror of the company.

But do you know how many types of logos are out there? Discover below the 7 types that will help you understand what this is all about:

  1. Wordmark

A logo design that only involves the company name, no symbols or mascots, like Coca-Cola or VISA.

  1. Letterforms

These usually consist in letters, mostly brand initials as seen in “HBO” or “NASA”.

  1. Pictorial marks or symbols

Also called logo symbol or brand mark, it is an icon-based logo, think Twitter or Apple.

  1. Abstract logo marks

A specific type of pictorial logo, an abstract form, like Nike or Pepsi.

  1. Mascots

A good example for these logos would be “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, or “KFC”, mascot logos involve an illustrated character, usually colourful and even cartoonish.

  1. Combination mark

As the name suggests, this type of logo is a combination between wordmark or lettermark, and a pictorial, mascot, or abstract mark. Some famous combination mark logos include Lacoste, Burger King or Doritos.

  1. Emblem

And last but not least, an emblem logo comprises a font inside an icon, more like badges or seals. It may be a classic style, but many companies have upgraded it for the 21st century. Some good examples would be Starbucks, NFL, or Harley-Davidson.

Online Casinos Logo, Gambling Platform Profile
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So why do gambling platforms spend thousands of dollars on their logo?

Online casinos acknowledge the importance of a work well done, they put so much effort in their titles, promotions, and appearance, so why wouldn’t they put emphasis on the first thing that catches the customer’s eye?

There is a large spectrum of options in having a logo created and depending on quality, the costs may vary from $0 to 2500+, as follows:

$10-$50 – a logo generator will provide a basic icon formed from a selection of icons and fonts in a short period of time, fit for low-budget businesses that accept a generic design.

$250-$800 –  a freelance designer will do the job with a limited experience in a longer period of time, suited for businesses that would prefer to spend more time than money.

$800-$2,500 – the logo will be taken care of by experienced designers and professional service, perfect for a company that wants quality on a decent budget. A good example of a casino logo can be found on this aggregator website.

For 2500+, – professionals from design agencies will make sure the logo is unique, of very high quality and it perfectly represents the brand.

Design agencies are the go-to option for online casinos and even though they may seem pricey, the logo’s value will become priceless in time.

Company Brand
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Whether they choose a letterform, abstract, or mascot design, a great logo is of the utmost importance for one’s business and it should be simple, easy to remember, and not similar to any others on the market. Therefore, spending a great deal of money makes a lot of sense, as attracting new players and showing what a trustworthy and well-put-together brand they are is very important for casinos.

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