Why buy and invest in gold coins advice, Precious metals investment guide

Why Buy And Invest In Gold Coins?

27 Feb 2022

Investment in gold is increasingly essential. There are different ways to invest in precious metals; however, buying gold coins has many advantages:

  • Gold is a safe haven. In economic inflation, gold preserves a stable and significant value.
  • Gold coins are more affordable. Indeed, purchasing a gold coin is much more accessible than purchasing a gold bar.
  • The ease of resale of a gold coin. It is much easier to resell a gold coin than a nugget if you want to sell. The parts are indeed divisible and therefore allow a resale several times.
  • Gold coins are common. It is easy to find a gold coin; it is traded globally and represents a large part of it.
  • Considering the stability of the market, it’s opportune to explore the option to Buy Gold Bars as a strategic addition to your investment portfolio.

Why buy and invest in gold coins guide

The Benefits Of Gold Coins

It may be more beneficial to hold gold coins than pure gold bars. We will explain why:

It is always better to have assets based on several parameters because they are more resilient. First of all, gold coins are made up of smaller amounts of gold, so they are easier to buy and resell. So you will not find yourself blocked when reselling your gold. Then the price of gold coins depends not only on the price of gold but also on the supply and demand of each coin. Finally, the coins fulfill their function as a safe haven. In a crisis, their premium will increase due to demand, and they can be resold for more than their pure gold value alone.

Unlike coins, bars have several disadvantages. It is challenging to sell bullion because of its price and its indivisibility. They are delicate to transport and impossible to send by post. Finally, there are fake gold-plated ingots filled with tungsten.

Gold coins are all coins minted in gold or alloys containing gold, with varying elegance. Gold coins have always been considered a RareCoin means of negotiation throughout history, recognized as a common value by different societies and cultures.

What Is An Investment Gold Coin?

A coin to be considered investment gold must meet several conditions:

  • Purity (the quantity of pure gold that composes it): an investment gold coin must be of a purity equal to or greater than 900/1000th of pure gold (i.e., 90% of the coin or more in gold pure).
  • The age (the date of minting of the coin): the coin must have been minted after 1800.
  • Recognition in the country where it was minted: The coin must have been legal tender where it was stamped.
  • The coin’s premium must not exceed 80% of the price of the weight of the gold contained in the coin.

Thus, many investment coins; will differ by their weight, quality, condition, rarity, or international recognition.

Investing In Gold Coins, What Are The Advantages?

Physical gold has become an excellent asset that effectively protects investments in times of crisis. If you intend to invest in gold coins, it is advisable not to think like a collector or numismatist. Investment gold allows you to take advantage of many advantages. By opting for gold coins, you benefit from their high liquidity; they are divisible and enable you to trade in smaller quantities. In addition, they resell more easily on the market because they are more accessible than gold bars.

It should be noted that pursable gold coins such as the Marianne Coq are not only worth their weight in gold: the premium must also be taken into account, which varies according to the condition of the coin and its wear, the course of the gold, but also the gap between supply and demand.

Gold coins, due to their size, are easy to store. It only takes a small amount to secure long-term savings. There are no special conditions to meet to hold gold coins. You do not pay VAT (Value Added Taxes) or ISF (Wealth Tax) for its possession by buying gold coins.

On resale, two types of taxes may apply: the flat-rate tax on precious metals or the capital gain tax. After 22 years of proven ownership, you are entirely exempt from taxes. This total exemption applies if you have not realized any capital gain or the resale has generated a capital loss.

Gold coin transactions are the most common across the world. Today, the purchase of gold coins and their resale constitutes one of the most effective ways to invest money. Or Investissement puts all its expertise at your service to assist you online in choosing your gold coins, according to your means and objectives.

Why buy and invest in gold coins – Tips To Remember

  • Investing in gold coins allows you to secure part of your savings and diversify your investments.
  • The Napoleon III coins of twenty francs or the Marianne Coq are among the favorites of French investors.
  • The 20 Swiss francs or Krugerrand coins are also well perceived for their liquidity.
  • Or Investissement supports you in choosing your gold coins and advises you on the various existing taxes on resale.

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