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What Is A Weed Vape Pen? How Do They Compare To Smoking?

22 March 2022

Cannabis is consumed in several ways, and the best method to experience its benefits is by inhalation. Nowadays, vaping is a modern method alternative to smoking. It results in the formation of vapor or steam inhaled through a mouthpiece attached to the device. Heat passed to the weed or hemp flower at a specific temperature through a Weed Vape Pen.

There is a continuous change in the cannabis laws across the United States. In most states, cannabis is legal, and possessing, buying, and consuming them is not an issue. People gathered information about the numerous health benefits of cannabis which has shown its effects in pain management, relieves insomnia, anxiety, depression, and helps treat cancer and its associated symptoms.

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What is a weed vape pen?

A weed vape pen is a device having a battery fixed with the cartridge. It is made with different cannabis oils, ranging from marijuana to cannabidiol. This instrument vaporizes the active ingredients from oil instead of burning the cannabis. It gives off vapor rather than smoke.

Due to the properties of this instrument, cannabis users prefer vaping over smoking. They are portable vaporizers that may be slim.

The parts of a vape pen

1. Cartridge

It is a container with cannabis oil in it, and it will be undergoing vaporization. It is a tank manufactured with plastic, steel, or glass, and it has the facility of refilling. After using the oil, the cartridge may be thrown away.

2. Atomiser

It helps to heat the cannabis oil into vapor form.

3. Battery

The battery is made up of lithium-ion and is a rechargeable one that powers the vape pen by providing heat to vaporize the concentrate. Batteries stimulate the manual press of a button and activate the other at the time of inhaling. Rechargeable batteries are available with a USB charger, whereas disposable batteries are pre-charged.

4. Mouthpiece

It is a part where you can inhale the vapor through it.

Different kinds of vape pen

It is a convenient way to use cannabis by inhaling – see https://nida.nih.gov. Some vape pens have to recharge frequently, and some are disposable ones. It vaporizes oil, wax, and flowers. Different kinds of vape pens are as follows:

1. Cartridge pens

They are available at an affordable price, streamlined with less maintenance. It is compatible with other cartridges and made up of plastic, steel, or metal which can be thrown, when empty. The battery is screwed onto a cartridge with a look of pen design.

2. Concentrate pens

They function in the same way as cartridge pens, but you have to fill the tank with extracts. You cannot use the thick concentrates, and you have to mix it with juice to thin it out. It is made- up of more removable parts compared to cartridge pens.

3. Herb vaporizers

It is a vaporizer with a high cost and is larger than the pen design vapes.

In any device, maintaining the optimum temperature is essential. Because heat is linked to what you inhale, if the high temperature is maintained, there will be high vapor and vice versa.

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Vaping Vs. Smoking cannabis

Vaping and smoking have their characteristics and produce different effects. Vaping reached popularity among cannabis users as it is a convenient method. On the other hand, smoking promotes the taste of the flower with unique effects. Now we will go through their differences.

Comparison of vaping weed to smoking

When you smoke anything, it results in tar and dangerous products. In a research study conducted by scientists in the UK, it has been confirmed that the effects of cannabis vaping are 95% safer than smoking – refer to https://www.healthline.com/health/. Hence employing vaping is the best way to administer medical cannabis. Ensure the device is from trustworthy and reputable vendors.

The high–quality vaporizers allow vapor to pass through only the materials made up of steel, quartz, and ceramics. The cheap quality vaporizer has some harmful effects.

Vaping and its benefits

Health plays a role in considering vaping over smoking. Vaping helps identify the taste of different strains, and its temperature has been controlled. It also offers other added benefits to your health.
1. Gives a pronounced flavor

Through vaping, a more pronounced flavor is obtained than by smoking. The taste of terpene, and the cannabinoid profiles, in different strains can be identified. In smoking, the taste of strains cannot be determined. The flavors are destroyed at the end of the smoking. It is a better option for the people looking to have a covert manner.
2. Temperature can be maintained

An adjustable heat regulator is present in all the vaporizers, where you maintain the desired temperature till the end of the session. It will take time to know the optimum temperature to vape weed. It gives an effect ranging from mellow to euphoric experience.
3. Efficiency

When you vape the weeds, the cannabinoids from the dry herb get slowly and ineffective. You can have the number of sessions even from a single pack. After the completion of vaping, the weed undergoes combustion. And is converted to ash, and it has no value.
4. Safer than smoking

According to the research, vaping is better for your health. It is used in the absence of open flame without destroying the benefits of the herb.
5. Reduces carcinogen production

Vaping helps to reduce the production of carcinogens and their by-products through combustion.
6. Potent and discreet

It gives a concentrated amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It provides strong effects. The most prominent benefit of vaping marijuana is not producing much odor at low temperatures.

Drawback of vaping

The drawback of vaping is that you have to understand the working of your device. It should always be cleaned; check whether it is a plug with units. Another drawback is that you have to invest in a vaporizer. The negativity is not related to any health but only the maintenance and the cost of vaporizers.

Benefits of smoking

The advantage of using smoking is that it provides effective results and does not need any high investment. Smoking becomes addictive by rolling up a joint. It does not depend upon maintenance, and it can be easily carried with you in your pocket and go for your business. Some of the benefits of smoking are as follows:

1. Gives intense effects

When you smoke dry herbs, the high temperature releases all cannabinoids and produces sedative effects.

2. Less cost

There is no need to invest a considerable amount. It is very cheap to buy only rolling papers. It is the reason for people moving towards smoking.

3. Knowledge is not required

Vaping requires much knowledge and experience. It is a simple process and not necessary to practice at all. Anyone can use it by lighting the joint, and you know the ending of the session.

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Drawbacks of smoking

When you smoke, you may fall into serious health risks. Another drawback is that you cannot differentiate the main difference between the strains. It should be clear that smoking weed causes less harm than tobacco smoke. But in the case of smoking, any plant used will be combusted with tar and carcinogens.

What is a weed vape pen Conclusion

Vaping differs from smoking and is the safer and more discreet way to take medical cannabis. The difference between vaping and smoking depends upon the individual experience.

It is the cheapest way to experience it if you want to smoke blazing. Vaping gives a taste of flavor. Those interested in this flavor might run back to the vaping device, and it may be challenging to return to the smoke, which gives the burnt smell.

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