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Types of Guys On Transsexual Dating Websites

18 Sep 2019

Types of Guys On Transsexual Dating Websites for MTF Relationships and Love

The dating world is a rough sea to sail, even with the help of all the dating apps and websites. You can find awesome new people to meet, but you can also find creeps, freaks, and general douchebags. Add gender transition into the mix and you get a whole new circus show.

So, we talked to our trans women friends, and asked them if they noticed any trends in the types of gentlemen that approach them on transgender dating sites. Here is a roughly categorized rundown:

Types of Guys On Transsexual Dating Websites
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The guys who see MTFs as kink material

Because of course there would be guys like this, so we might as well just get them out of the way. These men tend to see trans women as some kind of an exotic new kink, something new to try out, or to cross off of their sexual bucket list.

In any case, these folks are looking for the body, not the person, and so their messages correspond to that – very forward, way too clear. A common hallmark of all of the dudes in this group is that they will treat their MTF match like some dirty little secret to keep under tin foil wraps. They will insist on meeting in less public places that do not get as much traffic as popular date spots, or they will even be exclusive about meeting in their apartments and nowhere else.

They might even invest some active effort to keep their online existence entirely separate, so their profiles on other social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever else) might still say that they are “single”, they will not add their trans date as an online friend, and so forth. This is a legit phenomenon, people are ashamed of meeting someone online, even though they really have no reason to be. You can read some more about that in this article.

The guys who have some trouble handling transness in a partner

Men on Transsexual Dating Websites Advice, Best MTF Relationships and Love Tips

This is a bit of a weird trend, but it does happen. The reason why to may not be all that obvious is that this is an issue that becomes apparent only off of the dating platform. So what happens here, actually? Well, essentially, it is really just a little case of nerves.

There are guys on these platforms who will have genuine interest in the MTF person whom they are chatting up. So, these are not just your run of the mill creepers who are out for a steamy one-night stand or something. They are totally ok men who want to get to know some trans women – because they find them attractive for real.

The trouble surfaces when it comes to the actual date. That is when the nerves kick in. online chatting and such is easy to handle, even if you are intensely interested in the person you are chatting with, because it still leaves some space for fantasy.

But when it comes time to meet face to face, our gracious MT correspondents say that the vast majority of guys just chicken out. They are unable to face the reality of this person really being transgender in the full sense of the word, and a lot of them worry that their own sexuality might somehow change – this is a huge ongoing debate that you can learn more about at this link:

The guys who never stop to read the profile

If a picture says a thousand words, then dating sites profile pictures make words totally unnecessary – or so some users would appear to believe. The ladies (both cis and trans) seem to pay more attention to profile descriptions and bios than the gents (both cis and trans).

So obviously, we always have the scenario where somebody likes the pic and strikes up a talk, but fails to read the PSA that hey, this profile’s owner is transsexual and possibly still has the same or similar anatomical makeup as you. Moreover, there are apps and websites that no longer display the user’s gender on their profile, in support of non-binary and other users. That leaves a whole lot of space for awkward misunderstandings. Whoops.

And when an awkward misunderstanding comes out of the proverbial bag, the whole date can quickly go down the water, we are told. Guys feel somehow cheated, lead on, even threatened. So take it from the horse’s mouth, gentlemen: take a few seconds to read the profile and spare yourself some nasty moments, time, and nerves down the road.

Happy end: The guys who actually care

After all of what we just said above, you might feel like online dating is an impossible swamp of hopeless despair, if you are a trans woman. Or you might feel personally attacked because heck, you are a guy and you just made a profile because you genuinely want to meet a MFT soulmate and have amazing dates and cuddly sessions with them.

We get it, fam. Not all men are douche turtles. In fact, the vast majority of men are wonderful humans with perfectly fine basic decency filters.

And so, to end on a happy note, we are glad to report that our trans lady insiders have definitely noticed a good pattern among their suitors. There are men who are genuinely interested in the person behind the transitioning body. There are men who genuinely accept the entre gender identity conundrum, and they do not get panic attacks at make out sessions, and they even invest the effort to use the correct pronouns.

These men are a godsend, frankly. It is always refreshing to not have to juggle awkwardness, political correctness, and specialized lingo when out for “a hot cup o’ something” with a new person. So, gents, the takeaway here is – read the fine print, and know your own boundaries. If everybody knows the deal breakers beforehand, the deal will progress a lot more smoothly for both sides.

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