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Tips for choosing best bitcoin wallet

4 Oct 2020

A bitcoin wallet is essential for you to store the bitcoins either offline or online. There are cold and hot wallets available. The cold wallets do not need an internet connection, while the hot wallets need an internet connection. However, you can use the hot wallets to make the payments on the go. The experts always recommend storing only a few coins in the hot wallet, as it has a high chance of getting prone to security threats.

With an overwhelming number of bitcoin wallets, the beginners would find it tough to choose the best bitcoin wallet. It is best to choose the wallet that is highly secure to store the bitcoins. The bitcoin user must know which bitcoin wallet that they should choose and right for them. Here is the checklist that will help you in choosing the best wallet that will safeguard the bitcoins stored in the wallet

Tips for choosing the best bitcoin wallet – Security is must

You should know that the wallet is highly secure. This point can never be overlooked. If you are buying a web wallet, you must check whether the wallet is HTTP or HTTPs protocol. The HTTPs wallet is highly secure and keeps your bitcoins safe from the hackers. You also need to check whether there is a secure login for the wallet. The more important thing that can never be ignored is two-factor authentication. The wallet should also have 2FA to keep it highly secured. These points would let you make the right decision to buy a wallet or not.


The wallet you are going to buy must be secure and give the multisig option. This is the widely preferred method by the people as it secures the wallet from thefts and hackers. The multisig is nothing, but you have to specify more than one key to authorize the bitcoin transaction. There would be many people who must authorize the transaction before it is completed successfully. The best way to understand this scenario is the lockbox where two people must open the lockbox using different keys.

Have access to the private keys

If you do not have the private keys, it means that you do not have any control over the bitcoin wallet. It is the most critical factor to consider when choosing the bitcoin wallet. When you have the private key on the system or mobile, it means that you have control over the bitcoin wallet. This allows you to store and carry out transactions with easy at any point in time. You can also backup the coins in the other wallet by moving from this wallet.

Allow address re-use

The wallet must be hierarchically deterministic. If the wallet has hierarchically deterministic, it clearly means that the new address is generated for every transaction, and this would increase the privacy of the user. The privacy of the user is the biggest issue with the bitcoin wallet. The hierarchically deterministic would have the best architecture that would give extra protection to the users.

High transparency

The wallet provider must be highly transparent. You must know how the wallet provider is operating, without which it is tough to say whether or not the wallet is secure. When it is an open-source code, the peer can review the code and detect the vulnerabilities. It is critical to keep the open-source code up-to-date.

Give the best user experience

The first thing you must check is whether or not the wallet is simple to use and is not so confusing for users, especially the beginners. The wallet must be simple that the users do not have to get trained to use it. You also need to know how you want to use your wallet. Few people would like to keep the wallet on the mobile device and while a few want to download on their system. There are other options available such as hardware devices.

Backup the wallet

Backup is the essential thing in the bitcoin wallet. You must check whether the wallet provider is offering you a way to back up the private key in the wallet. If you lose the private key, you lose the coins in the wallet. You must check whether there is a backup restoration process.

Reputable provider

If you want to buy the wallet from a reliable yet trustworthy wallet provider, you must do extensive research and find the best one. You can talk to your peers to know the feedback about the wallet you are going to buy. Check out Bitcoin Union.

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