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Students Learn From Home during Coronavirus Crisis

2 Apr 2020

Students learn from home in coronavirus crisis

Tips on How Students Can Learn From Home during This Coronavirus Period

During this global pandemic, there has been a change in the usual way of life. The most affected is the education sector. Schools around the world have taken a break to stay at home and take precautions. The more students are at home, the more they develop vacation fig. Students have been struggling with what they need to do over the long break. They might think they are having a great time and having fun.

When students are on a long break, it is good to combine it with the things that students like doing. They will be able to have their own experience and hence a better learning opportunity and they can share with their peers when they return to school.

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Some tips will help with this Coronavirus

  • Have a routine. During the break, ensure that you have a similar method all through the Coronavirus break. When the students maintain consistency, it helps in being focused. Try to learn in the morning, and this is because the students are fresh at that hour.
    Some words should be avoided for the students to be interested in learning, such as requirements, learning, or homework. You can ask them to pick a book and read it loudly over breakfast. Ensure they know that they will do a fun activity each morning, either alone or with you. With a routine, they will know what to do each morning, and when they have difficulties, they can get help, and someone can do the homework for you. A routine will act as part of the day to utilize their time productively.
  • Ensure you explore your surroundings. When driving or staying in the home, your child can learn the signs around their environment. You can turn it to a fun game and spot the things to learn. Most students love outdoor sports, as a parent trying to move the learning from the sofa. They can go to the garden and learn about the environment. They can look at bugs and insects and draw a picture.
  • Look for math questions to ask and make it an everyday activity. Buy a math workbook and complete all the problems each day. Look for a deck of cards to know your child’s weakness and strength. You can ask the older kids to identify geometric shapes on the items you use daily. Spare about 30 minutes per day and write a journal. They can write about someone or write about an exciting topic. They can write about a vacation, their goals, or plans.
  • Look for a learning idea that the students can have their focus. Know the areas that are challenging to your child and do exercises that will strengthen their learning skills. If their problem is in math, make games out of flashcards. Look for instances that they struggle with mathematical facts, they can try to read aloud when you are driving around.
  • Look for a note taking and report writing activity; it will help in practicing the use of past samples. It is a class holiday survey; it will have a report of who the events were and how beneficial they were to the student.
  • In the modern world, everyone is busy with smartphones; students can be allowed to use social media platforms such as Instagram and Whatsapp. It will enable students to learn different activities that are applicable in the extended period. They can take pictures and send them to their friends via social media. If you have Wi-Fi access and a whiteboard at home, it will help in displaying all the images on the screen for everyone to see.
  • It is a great initiative to learn a language; students can look for a new style or practice an existing one that they knew. They can start by learning useful phrases and expressions; you can try tools such as Twinkl or Teaching Ideas. When they spend the Coronavirus period practice, they will end up absorbing the language. There is Pen Pal Schools, where students of all ages all over the globe connect and learn their language skills.
  • Teenagers have a more significant and better way to explore the environment. They can do a treasure hunt with a twist. They can use apps such as Geocaching, and they use their mobile devices to look for items, it is a great way to be busy, fit, as they sharpen their navigation skills. It is a natural process; all they need is to register and have a free geocaching account and then use it on their smartphones.
  • Look for DIY experiments that they can spend their time doing. Science does not need to be boring; they can look for experiments to avoid being bored. There are different science experiments to do in the back garden. They can get simple ingredients such as warm water, vinegar, baking soda, sandwich bag, and carry out a simple experiment.
  • The other outdoor activity is exploring their eating habits, have an outdoor picnic at the backyard. It will help in identifying their health, personal, and social interactions. Look for fresh produce in the house and ask the children to identify and get to know their opinion regarding a balanced diet.
  • Students can spare time with the Coronavirus period to read and write. Look for some good books for them to read; there are several handy resources online to help in choosing what they might be interested in reading. There are animal friendship stories and poetry that children can discover and learn. You can challenge the children to compose something each week, such as a shopping list or write down their favorite television program that they have watched the entire week. When you have students who are interested in becoming writers, encourage them to enter into different competitions.

Within the Coronavirus period, students and parents can use the above suggestions to help improve their learning abilities and reduce any delays. This chance will help in building their self-esteem and confidence in their education. The will overcome all their learning points. Have fun activities that will act, as learning lessons and it will help when interacting with family members before resuming.

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Tips on How Students Can Learn From Home during This Coronavirus Period
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