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Some well-known fictional books formed on gambling

16 Jan 2021

Gambling is a hugely interesting thing and so, over some years, some excellent literary works have been done on this subject. Numerous books on gambling tend to be instructional but the gambling novels of fiction seem to be highly compelling to people. When you incline to read similar to playing interesting casino games, like togel wap, then you must attempt to read gambling fiction. Some remarkable fictional books related to gambling are:

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Some well-known fictional books on gambling – list

  • Dice Angel – This is a novel which is written by Brian Rouff. The chief character of this novel is James Delaney Jr. He owns a bar of Las Vegas that he has managed to inherit from his father. In this novel Jimmy happens to be a recovering gambling addict and his problem got worse to the limit of ending his marriage. Jimmy gets an unforeseen call from the police that informed him that his bar has got stolen. The crooks managed to escape with $12,000 from the bar’s video poker machines.

According to police, the crooks could be the employees of Jimmy though Jimmy holds a different opinion.

When people look for a story that has lots of depth and where people would sympathize with the chief characters besides laughing at times, then Dice Angel is the best.

  • God Doesn’t Shoot Craps – God Doesn’t Shoot Craps has been written by Richard Armstrong. In this tale, the chief character is Danny Pellegrino and he is a straight-up con person who uses direct mail policy that makes him rich from his unassuming consumers. Mr. Pellegrino looks for a novice angle that he can utilize in some grifting schemes and here, he manages to meet Virgil Kirk, the inventor and he is a filthy rich man.

Virgin emerges with some strategy for craps formed on mathematics which is thought to make someone who utilizes it a huge winner. Danny discovers the formula of Virgil to be working and highly alluring. The success of this method does not remain hidden for a long time and so, mobsters soon discover that they do not wish Danny to own any portion in it. It is a hugely thrilling tale and people will wish to see how Danny does manage to escape himself from hot water.

  • Sex, Lies, and Video Poker – Bob Dancer is the writer of this book and it is also the first book of this author. Dancer is one of the uppermost authorities on video poker and he has been featured at numerous casinos of Las Vegas. Sex, Lies, and Video Poker is a fiction which is educational in nature and it has also emerged as an erotic novel. The main character of this novel is Chris George and he is an excessively good businessman.

For wooing his dreamgirl, Chris learns the method of playing video poker and the girl in whom he’s interest lies has an excellent talent for gambling. Nonetheless, she has got a troubled past too. For making things highly interesting, Chris learns to be satisfied with a sister-in-law who tries to allure Chris into bed.

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