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Scientifically Supported Weight Loss Strategies

21 Jan 2021

The most critical aspect of a successful weight loss regime would be to eliminate excessive weight gain. There are a number of  strategies, such as getting the optimal amount of sleep, taking weight loss tablets and exercising in a certain way, in order to reduce weight.

The weight loss strategies which will be outlined, have been proven to be effective by scientific studies and experts.


As you are most likely already aware, exercise can be very helpful for weight loss and overall maintenance of weight loss.

Exercising increases your metabolism and can increase lean body mass.

When looking at optimal levels of exercise in order to lose weight, it has been recommended that some form of exercise is undertaken, a minimum of three days a week and at least 20 minutes per exercise session. That being said, if you truly want to lose more weight, you can increase your frequency of exercise and time per exercise session.

Exercise in the morning on an empty stomach

Research has shown us that people who exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, tend to lose more weight, in comparison to people who do similar workouts later in the day.

A study conducted in 2016 really highlights the benefits of undertaking exercise on an empty stomach. The research included men who ate breakfast before exercising and men who did not eat breakfast before exercising. It was found that those who didn’t eat breakfast before working out, burned a lot more fat and substantially reduced their calorie intake over 24 hours.

Focus on your diet

There are a number of ways you can mould your diet so that it complements weight loss.

A number of people recommend taking weight loss tablets like Alli, as it can help people lose 50% more weight, in comparison to exercising and dieting.

When considering other factors, there are many changes that you can make to your diet.

  1. Drink Green Tea
    Green tea contains very powerful antioxidants which can work in unison with caffeine to enhance fat burning
  2. Reduce sugar intake
    Sugar consumption is linked with increased risks of obesity
  3. Eat foods which are spicy
    Interesting! Spicy foods can help boost your metabolism and can even potentially reduce your appetite.
  4. Chew slowly
    Research has indicated that chewing slowly can result in people eating less calories.

Sleep for 7 – 8 hours

When trying to lose weight, the amount of sleep that you get is almost as important as exercising.

Time and time again, research has proved that poor sleep is linked to a higher body mass index and general weight gain. Short sleep durations can drastically increase the likelihood of obesity by over 50%.

Moreover, if you have poor sleep, it is likely to increase your appetite. As a result of feeling hungry, you will be inclined to eat more. This will not positively impact your weight loss.

Poor Sleep can decrease your resting metabolic rate. This means that the number of calories your body burns while at rest, will be lower with poor sleep. Hence, less weight will be lost.

Track your progress

It is imperative that you monitor your progress, to really assist you in identifying the results you are achieving.

Just like you may monitor your bank statements regularly, think about monitoring your health in the same way.

With the knowledge of your progress, you can make relevant adjustments to your weight loss strategy. You will be able to see what it is you are doing that is having the best impact on your weight loss. Also, for some of the things that are not working well, you can stop doing it.

Monitoring your progress can be done in any way that you like. Whether that be using a weight loss health app or even simply making notes on a sheet of paper.

Find your inner motivation

No matter how hard someone may try to motivate you to lose weight, it is important that within yourself you are fully committed and motivated. This will allow you to truly reach your weight loss goals.

You really need to identify what it is that will keep you dedicated. A good strategy that many people use, is to make a list of things they will reward themselves with, when certain milestones have been achieved.

Furthermore, choosing the right people to help and support you can really be helpful. Find people who can respond to your thoughts and emotions. People who can spend their time with you on helping and discussing with you, your progress and ways to improve further. Your support structure can really be an added booster to retaining your motivation and being consistent with your weight loss goals.

Scientifically Supported Weight Loss Strategies – Final Thoughts

When it comes to losing weight, there is no one-size fits-all approach. There are plenty of solutions that you can try. Take some action today.

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