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27 Feb 2020

Safe Online Casinos: Here is how you can identify a fraudulent Casino

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The internet today has no shortage of fraudulent activities and scam individuals. Sometimes to me, the whole digital space feels like it is just a world filled with scammers, and people waiting to be scammed.

But the level of scams is more prevalent in some sectors of the internet than the others, mainly because scammers feed off the fear, generosity, naivety, and greed of the internet users. So, they tend to spread their net into any sector of the internet where they can enjoy any of that.

And as you might have guessed, the world of casino is one such sector. Thanks in no small parts to the evolution of online casinos, scammers have been able to feed off the greed of online gamblers. With the promise of “free this and free that,” “bonus this and reward that,” “stake little and rake high,” scammers have been able to lure greedy players onto their websites and scamming them in the process.

Unfortunately, because their activities have now become a mainstay in the industry, even players that are not greedy are now falling victim.

Yes, you read that, right! Over the last couple of years, online casinos have devised means and tricks to lure both innocent and greedy players onto their websites, only to defraud them after gaining their trust.

How then can one stay safe and free of these scammers? You may wonder. Well, that is exactly why this post has been created – to educate gamblers on how to spot a fake, fraudulent casino. Sit tight and read on to discover what we’ve got for you.

Safe Online Casinos Help Guide

Confirm the domain name

To spot a fake casino online, you’re going to have to conduct some proactive search yourself. To start with, you must verify the domain name of the online casino website you’re registering with or playing on. Why do I need to check their domain names? You may wonder. Well, it is not uncommon to find many fake casino websites impersonating the names of legitimate, safe casinos but using a different domain name. For example, a scam casino might use the name to disguise itself from an already legitimate casino called

To stay safe, always double-check the domain name of that casino website that has been suggested to you before you deposit with them.

Take your time to scour the website

You can spot an online casino by simply browsing through the pages on their websites. Ask me how! In most cases, fake online casinos neither have the time or resources to create sophisticated and near-perfect websites. As such, they just create their websites hastily, leading to so many crucial features or relevant info missing.

When you browse through their website, you might find that fundamental pages such as testimonials, contact pages, and even Terms and Conditions are missing. Ask yourself then, why would a reputable casino website not add a “Contact Us” page on its website? What if a customer has an urgent complaint or wished to reach them by phone or email?

But that’s not even all; you should also look out for the grammar quality, image quality, user-friendliness, and quality of info. Most websites of legitimate casinos are built to impress. So once you find an online casino website that looks messy, unorganized, and unimpressive, you should be suspicious.

Check the company’s age

If you’re a scam casino, you cannot stay long on the internet! So if you want to spot a fraudulent casino, another tactic would be for you to look up the age of the platform on the internet. Even without them mentioning it on their website, you can detect the age of the company by looking up their activities on the internet, including the dates of their posts and recent updates.

The average scam website lasts one year at most, after which they tend to run away with people’s money.

Check online reviews

Thankfully, there are so many platforms online today dedicated to finding legitimate companies and websites for people to transact with. From social media to Yelp and several other websites in between, you can always read what people have to say about a company before you proceed in your dealings with them. When you find that a casino has too many negative reviews, it probably means that such a casino is neither safe nor reputable. Take, for instance, platforms like 10bestonlinecasinos regularly posts the list of trusted online casinos in the United Kingdom for players to register with. Now, when you want to sign up with a particular online casino in the UK, and you cannot find the name of this casino on this platform or any other reputable platform, it is safe to say that the online casino website is not legit enough.

Licensing information

Once you click on any casino website, the very first information you should scour the website for is the company’s licensing information. Fake casinos are mostly unlicensed and unregulated. They are opened to last a few months after all, so of what importance is licensing to them? And more importantly, why would they get licensed and risk lawsuits afterward?

Casino budget

Review the payment options

No reputable, legitimate casino accepts only one medium of payments. Most trusted online casinos provide players with a wealth of options to deposit their funds and withdraw their winnings. From Skrill to PayPal, Visa to MasterCard, Neteller to cryptocurrencies, your options should be limitless. However, if a casino website looks shady, has no detailed contact info, and only accepts one medium of payment, it is most likely a scam.

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