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Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

21 Oct 2020

Purchasing cannabis seeds

5 Important Things You Need To Have In Mind Before Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

Over the last few years, marijuana has gained massive popularity. Many states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, making it easier for many people to easily access it. People who want to grow their own marijuana can now easily get marijuana seeds.

But before you buy marijuana seeds, there are a lot of things that you need to have in mind.

Purchasing Cannabis Seeds Help Guide

These things include:

  1. Check the legislation of marijuana seeds in your area

This is the most important thing to have in mind. Of course, you wouldn’t want to get into trouble with the authorities. That’s why you need to check the legalities of cannabis seeds in your state. Marijuana is considered just like any product sold at a dispensary such as buds or concentrates. So if marijuana is not legal in your state or country, then neither are the marijuana seeds. So before you start shopping for marijuana seeds, you need to know the rules regarding marijuana and marijuana seeds.

  1. Only buy seeds from a reputable and reliable supplier

You can purchase marijuana seeds from a shop that sells the seeds online. Several online stores sell marijuana seeds across the globe. These stores will ship the seeds to your country or state as long as your area has legalized marijuana and marijuana seeds.

It’s worth mentioning that you should buy your marijuana seeds from reputable companies or suppliers such as Homegrown Cannabis Co. Purchasing your cannabis from a reputable company will not only guarantee you quality products, but you will also feel secure while shopping.

  1. Know the kind of seeds you want to buy

There are different kinds of cannabis seeds in the market. You need to understand the different types of seeds before you settle on a particular seed.  Your choice of seed will depend on factors such as your reasons for growing the cannabis plant, the amount of growing space you have, how much patience you have, and where you will grow the cannabis plant; whether indoors or outdoors. The type of climate in your area also plays a significant role when selecting the seeds.

Types of marijuana seeds

Here are some of the different types of seeds available in the market:

  • Regular seeds

One thing about the regular seeds is that it’s quite difficult to tell if they will grow to be female or male. In most cases, half of the regular seeds are usually male and the remaining half female. However, there is no guarantee of their gender. If you are growing cannabis and you care less about genetics, regular cannabis seeds are the perfect option. However, if you want to grow only male plants, these types of seeds may not be the ideal option for you.

  • Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds have definitely changed homegrown cannabis. This is because feminized seeds are produced to grow up to be female plants. The manufacturers use advanced manipulation of genetics that guarantees grower that the seeds will produce female plants. If you want to harvest only the buds, the feminized seeds are the best alternative.

  • Autoflowering seeds

These types of seeds produce plants that aren’t affected by the change in the light cycle. That means that after a certain period, the plant will flip to flowering on its own, without any hindrance. Autoflowering seeds also grow faster. In fact, they can be harvested after 100 days of planting. Besides, these plants don’t usually grow big, making them ideal for growers who have limited growing space.

  1. Know where you will grow the cannabis plant

It’s not just about knowing the kind of seed you want to purchase; you should also know where you plan to grow the cannabis plant. Different seeds do well in different climates. A cannabis seed company will advise you on which type of seed will thrive in your climate. For instance, if your area is cold, they will help you choose a cannabis seed that is suitable for a colder climate.

  1. The number of seeds you should buy

If you aren’t new to farming, then you probably know that there are seeds that never germinate. This applies to cannabis seeds, as well. Some of the seeds will germinate, while others will not. The unfortunate part is that there’s nothing much you can do about that. But the only way to ensure many seeds germinate is by buying enough seeds to account for the seeds that won’t germinate.

When it comes to buying seeds, it is advisable to buy 4 times the number of plants you are planning to grow. If you choose the regular seeds, you should know that half of them will be male. But if you are planting the autoflowering or feminized seeds, there will be no need to remove males in your growing space.

Due to the excitement that comes with growing your own cannabis, you may be tempted to buy a lot of seeds when starting out. However, it’s good to start small, especially if you lack the skills, and then work your way up. On your first attempt, don’t grow more than 20 plants. You could end up wasting your money, time, and effort because you still lack the skills required to make your cannabis grow successfully. If you are just starting out, buy a small amount of seeds of a strain that is not only easy to grow but also require less effort.

Purchasing Cannabis Seeds Conclusion

There is nothing quite great like the satisfaction you get from growing your own stash of cannabis. Consuming your self-cultivated marijuana is sweeter and more fulfilling because you understand all the steps the marijuana passed to get to where it is.

This isn’t the case when it comes to cannabis bought at the dispensary or online shop, which you don’t know how it was produced. So if you are using marijuana either for recreational or medical purposes and your state has legalized it, you need to start growing your own cannabis in your home.

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