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Pros and Cons Of Top Weight Loss Apps

2 July 2020

Pros and Cons Of Top Weight Loss Apps

Weight Loss App Guide

There are several weight loss apps that people are using on their mobile device, which make it easy to track their progress; allowing them to change their lifestyle habits. Many of these apps provide a report on caloric intake, burned calories, exercise duration and more. Some of these apps get more noticed than and free sex games. There are a number of reasons for this, which we will discuss later. However, this article is about the pros and cons of the top weight loss apps.

The Features

Many of the weight loss apps mentioned have additional features to make the process so much easier and these include barcode scanners, sync capabilities and even support forums. The features are meant to keep the user active, motivated and inspired to complete their weight loss goals.

There are many benefits to using these apps; other than the ease of use. Studies show that when someone monitors their weight loss progress, it gives them something to look forward to; especially, if the results are obvious. The app helps to increase the user’s awareness of both their progress and habits they need to quit. Some apps like these support people who happen to be on a specific diet such as the Paleo diet, South Beach diet, Vegan diet or Keto diet; just so that they can stay disciplined. Why not try the anti-inflammatory diet?

Lose It
Let us start with the first weight loss app on the list called Lose It. The name of it says it all. People use this app to help them to get rid of those unwanted pounds. The platform is user friendly and easy to navigate. It helps with counting calories and tracking weight loss. It also analyzes a person’s age and weight with how they want to improve their health. The app provides a customized weight loss plan and daily calorie count.

The user has to input daily food intake once a weight loss plan is created. A barcode scanner installed in the app makes it easier to add foods you buy at the grocery store. The app provides daily reports of caloric intake. It also has a feature that helps users to track their food portion sizes by taking a picture of their meal. Users can download the app for free, but there is a $9.99 to use the premium features. One of the downside to the app is that it does not track your intake of minerals and vitamins and their food database does not have some of the popular food brands.

Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal is another popular weight loss app that counts calories and helps users to stay on top of their weight loss goals. The app helps to count daily calories; allowing the user to jot down all the food eaten throughout the day. This includes foods that are eaten at a restaurant. Once you put in the foods you ate for that day, the app gives you a breakdown of the nutrients and calories that you have consumed.

You will receive a generated report that includes a pie chart with a summary of the total carbs, fat and protein you have consumed. This app also uses the barcode scanner to input valuable information about the nutritional contents of a few packaged foods. You can use the app to conduct searches for healthy recipes. The cost for using the premium features is $9.99, but the app can be downloaded for free. One thing that the app cannot do is provide accuracy as it relates to nutritional details.

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers is one of the most familiar weight loss management companies and they have created their own app called WW. The app helps users to maintain their weight using a Smart Points system. The app makes suggestions to users as to how much fat to lose so they can maintain their weight. The app gives zero points to various foods, which include veggies, lean proteins and fruits.

The points are given to people based on their individual weight loss goals. The app has more than eight thousand recommended recipes to choose from. The user has to pay $3.22 each week to access the basic features of the app and $12.69 each week for personalized digital coaching. The idea of counting points is one of the cons since not many people are going to keep up with that. And, if you really want to benefit from the app,it is not going to be free and over time, the cost can add up.

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