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Phil Ivey The Greatest Poker Player in the World

16 June 2022

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Now there is nothing that can stop you from gambling at any time and place. But at the end of the 20th century, it was problematic.

Although it was almost impossible to become a successful gambler who regularly earned thousands if not millions of dollars, several players could succeed in gambling. And one of them is a famous poker player — Phil Ivey.

Las Vegas casino- Phil Ivey poker player

Early Years

Phil Ivey was born in Riverside, California, on February 1st, 1977. His family was large and close-knit. When Phil was young, he moved to Roselle, New Jersey. Ivey’s family did not make much money, but they were hard-working and well-respected people. Parents always gathered together and had family nights, where everyone could play cards and board games.

Phil’s grandpa also had game nights: he invited friends from a neighbourhood, and they played card games. After seeing his grandfather playing poker, Phil became interested in this game. When Phil was eight, he asked his grandpa to teach him how to play poker. The first game he learnt to play was a five-card stud.

As soon as Phil became good enough, he wanted a challenge. So, from that moment, Ivey started to opt for a casino to play with a worthy rival.

Ivey was too young to gamble at a casino, but this didn’t stop him. Phil made a fake ID card and started going by the name “Jerome”. This is why he got a nickname — “No Home Jerome”.

By the age of 17, Ivey was a regular at Atlantic City casino playing poker, blackjack, and craps.

Starting a Career

Phil always knows he does not have another option, but to be a professional poker player. When he made up his mind and told his family about his decision, they did not approve of it at first.

But Phil did not give up and started to study poker hard and spent hours a week for years to become better: he was analysing all the hands he was dealt and how he and his opponents played in different situations to identify a bluff.

He was losing at first, but a job he had helped him maintain an adequate standard of living. After practising, Phil was able to play for higher stakes and win large sums.

As soon as he hit a home run, Phil could quit his job as a telemarketer and work full time as a pro gambler.

At the age of 21, Phil took part in a World Poker tournament and won 53 thousand dollars. By the time Ivey was 25, he had won four World Series of Poker Tournaments.

What’s Next?

As soon as he achieved one of his goals, Phil left Atlantic City and went to the west coast — a place where the most successful and richest gamblers lived.

One of his first stops was the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. Here he could advance his game even more: he started winning from $800 up to $8,000.

Besides, this was a place where Phil met Barry Greenstein (a professional poker player) for the first time.

Greenstein believed in Phil and his skills. He always helped him and encouraged him to play bigger. When Ivey moved to Las Vegas, he continued playing and winning. So, people started to call him the “Tiger Woods of Poker”.Phils was famous for his fearless game style, which helped him get rid of opponents. Unlike many other poker players, Phil did not wear sunglasses. On the contrary, he stared directly at his opponents’ eyes.

Of course, Phil lost from time to time. But he did not let losses affect him. He was proud of losses and even said: “I like it when I lose so much I can barely breathe. That’s the feeling that I go for. I’m addicted to that feeling.

Ivey also loved to win. Once, he bet up to one million dollars per hand on a craps game and won seven times while doing it.

Ivey didn’t like fame, so after his huge success (when he won his 10th bracelet at the World Series of poker), he chose to stay somewhere out of the spotlight. By the way, he was the youngest player who had got so many bracelets.

Phil Ivey Achievements

Phil has made over a hundred million dollars in poker games. In 2015, he was the first professional poker player who received recognition in a Chrysler 300 commercial.

Despite some controversies, when some casinos accused him of cheating, Ivey never stops doing good things: he teaches beginners how to play poker and donates to some charitable organizations.

Plus, Phil has founded an organization in memory of his grandfather. It is called the “Ivy Foundation” which helps people cure brain cancer.

Phil always says he feels lucky and blessed to have a great career playing his favourite game — poker. His name is the synonym of hard work and practice. His never-give-up attitude and strategic game made him one of the greatest poker players in the world.

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