How are online slots made safe to play in 2022, Online global gambling architecture design guide

Online Slots Made Safe to Play in 2022 Guide

20 July 2022

The most common gambling games you can find online are slot machines. Unsurprisingly, there are games out there that can offer immense prizes, some that offer petite rewards, and all manner of themes, features, and designs presented to bettors. They should all have something in common, though – they should be safe. What makes an online slot safe? What can developers provide us to ensure bettors that their slots are safe? We explore the issue right here.

Online Slots Made Safe to Play in 2022

How Are Online Slots Made Safe to Play in 2022?

Are Slots Rigged?

The question above is, perhaps, not the best one to ask. Instead of asking, “are slots rigged?” we should ask, “can slots be rigged?” The answer is most certainly, “yes”. However, this doesn’t mean that they are. Most reputable casino software providers have strict features that prevent casinos from altering the RTP rates or gaming mechanics of their slots. There are always a few bad apples in the bunch, but this isn’t the case for the most part.

RNG Algorithms Control Fair Play

Slot machines are run using algorithms called Random Number Generators, often referred to solely as RNGs. RNG algorithms ensure that each spin of the reels results in a random set of symbols appearing on the reels. In short, the player cannot predict what will crop up on the screen, but more importantly (for us), neither can the casino. This ensures if nothing else, that the slot is fair.

They Are Audited and Certified as Fair

Who ensures that the RNGs and algorithms are working correctly, though? After all, very few of us have the programming skills to read and translate the inner workings of slots, even if we had the source code (which we don’t). With that in mind, we need independent auditors. There are many of these out there, such as iTech Labs, eCOGRA and TST, which authenticate and certify RNGs and the slots that they feature in as fair.

Even Crypto Games Are Checked

None of the above independent auditors tends to examine cryptocurrency slots, though. They used a different mechanism for a start – they are on the blockchain. To ensure that a casino offers fair and certified slots and games, the Provably Fair certificate comes into play. This is the leading crypto gambling credential that a slot, provider, and casino should strive to have. Provably Fair slots are designed to cater to crypto players and have been approved as fair.

Publishing RTP Rates and Free Play Games

Finally, it is worth noting that there are two other clear signs of fair play in slots. Firstly, an online casino or software provider should publish the RTP rates in their games and tell you its volatility level. This lets you identify what sort of game you are looking at and how fair it is. Secondly, any top casino will let you play slots for free. This way, you can gauge for yourself if a game is fair before you decide to wager your own real money stakes on it.

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