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Online Casino VIP Schemes Advice

22 Dec 2020

Having a VIP title attached to your name is a great feeling that no one can deny. This is something that now anyone into playing online casinos can do thanks to the VIP schemes that they all run. However, they all differ from casino to casino, so signing up for one with one casino will unlock different rewards compared with another one.

Online Casino VIP Schemes guide

Everything That You Need To Know About Online Casino VIP Schemes

What Is A VIP Scheme?

VIP schemes are in place in pretty much all online casinos. They are there to reward those more elite level players who have been identified as standing out from the rest of the players on the website. For the loyalty that these players have shown, the casinos reward them by giving a little back to them. The schemes typically have a number of different levels to them, with better rewards available as to make your way up them. This works to motivate players to either keep on doing what they are doing, or start spending even more.

Joining A VIP Scheme

Depending on the requirements of the individual online casino, there are a number of different ways in which you can join a VIP scheme. By simply joining up to some certain casinos, you automatically become a VIP member of the lowest level. Others require you to deposit a certain amount of money over a certain amount of time in order to be deemed a VIP. At some casinos there is no way to sign up and, instead, players are invited to become a VIP member once they have been noticed for spending a large amount of money. Depositing a sum of around £10,000 will instantly get your recognised and be invited to become a VIP.

Why You Should Become A VIP

It usually takes quite a bit of effort, money, and time in order to gain VIP member status. The schemes are there to reward you for this loyalty that you have displayed. However, these rewards differ from online casino to online casino. What is always the same though is that what you get are great and will help you to enjoy playing online even more.

Some of the types of rewards that you can expect include special promotions and bonuses. VIP members receive generous promotions and bonuses that give you cash back, match your deposits, and even give you free spins. For more information on new casinos with free spins in 2021 visit the link. It also lets you make much faster withdrawals and deposit money into your account much faster also. Without a VIP membership, doing these things can take up to a few days. Also, the deposit limits that you have are much higher. This means that you can deposit up to thousands of pounds, where for normal players, there is a limit on how much they can deposit.

For those who make their way up to the top levels of a VIP scheme, they have the chance of winning luxury items and experiences, such as holidays at five star hotels. VIP members are also given gifts by the online casino when it is their birthday. If they know you particularly well, then you can expect a full customise present. If you get to the top level of a VIP scheme, then you can expect to receive your very own account manager who will look after your every need on a 24 / 7 basis.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to join a VIP scheme comes down to the individual. However, as you can see from the above list of rewards, there are some great ones to be had, regardless of what online casino the scheme is with. If you play on the same website all of the time, then why not join up? After all, if you are putting in all of those hours and spending that much money, then it is only right that you are rewarded for this.

The Best VIP schemes

All of the big UK online casinos offer their players with VIP memberships. Some of the best ones are listed below.

Loyalty Club (Leo Vegas)

In this great scheme, you are able to earn points and win rewards. As you work your way up the different tiers, the benefits and rewards being made available increase in quality and value. These include things such as free entry to special events and free gaming credits. It really is a no brainer to become a member of the scheme, as the more that you play on the website, the more points that you rack up.

InterVIP (InterCasino)

Membership is available by invite only to this scheme. There is the option to request to join the VIP scheme, but this is not guaranteed. Once you have become a member, you are given your very own personal account manager who takes care of your every need. You are sent various different prizes, such as free spins and even trips to luxury locations.

Loyalty Club (Lucky247)

This scheme is a really good one that rewards players directly for the activities that they have performed on the website. For every two credits that are spent on the website, you earn a point. Once you have accumulated enough of them, the points can then be spent on playing credits. Any one that signs up to the website is automatically enrolled into the Loyalty Club. As you get more points, you begin working your way up the membership tiers, from bronze to platinum.

Betway Plus (Betway)

A great way to earn some great rewards whilst you are playing away on their website. All members begin on the blue tier and as you collect more tokens, you work your way up. You are awarded with tokens based on how much you play the various different games. As well as winning free bets and game credits, you also have the chance to win huge prizes, such as luxury holidays abroad to places like South Africa, or places closer to home like a day at the races.

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