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Article by Dimple Soni, India

9 Apr 2013

Daylight Rhapsody

New Residential Architecture

There’s a rapturous glows inside when natural light is sensibly harnessed, especially, as diffused ambient light devoid of glare. The spaces gets transformed, the tinge and the mood alters dramatically as the earth follows its routine spin, hiding and revealing the sun through strata of clouds. The buildings featured this week take benefit of the daylight, simultaneously, forming a visual connection with the outside landscape.

M House, Singera, Moldova
Design: Marcel Luchian
House Moldova - New Residential Architecture
photo from architect firm

A bold monochromic contrast of color and lightness of form, marks the two storey M house, in Singera, Moldova. Designed by Marcel Luchian Studio, the floating white rectangular volume diligently rests on coal-black box with large glass windows. It’s a clean configuration of chamfered and sharp, planes and edges. Copious daylight, streaming through various openings of different proportions, illuminates the clearly defined interior and offers pleasing sights. Textured walls with smooth floor and ceiling, blends the spaces together.

The M House looks like scaled-up pieces of white and dark chocolate, neatly stacked to entice. Towards one of the corner, inclined chopsticks-like, slender cylindrical columns, piercing through the roof, support the mass further.

Cotacachi House, Imbabura, northern Ecuador
Design: arquitectura x
Cotacachi House Ecuador - New Residential Architecture
photo : Sebastian Crespo

Cotacachi Residence is a courtyard house with plenteous natural light and panoramas, placed amidst an orchard site, between Imbabura and Cotacachi mountains, in Imbabura, Ecuador. Oriented around an open courtyard, the two storey house is designed by Arquitectura x and is segregated into three distinct bays for public, private and guest usage. Load-bearing earth walls on the first storey and wooden structure on the second storey and the roof, adroitly incorporates local materials and techniques to give the house a site-specific flavor. The airy residence for retreat is an amiable coalesce of open, semi-open and private spaces that follows a stiff rectangular geometry.

The Cotacachi house resembles an intriguing grouping of several wooden and earth boxes of varied heights, with sizable openings.

OLS House, Stuttgart, Germany
Design: J. MAYER H. Architects
Contemporary Stuttgart Property
photograph : David Franck

The OLS House is all white, located on hillside, near Stuttgart, Gemany, and is designed by J. MAYER H. Architects. Daylight gushes through full height windows, designed to maximize the view of the valley in vicinity. Mild curves, soft lines and edges, and filleted corners make the interior sleek and soothing. Lucid and thoughtful staircase is one of the main design elements that genially connect the three floors. The skylight further capitalizes on the ambient light, adding warmth to the ivory interior.

The side view of the OLS House appears like the head of a baby dinosaur with open glazed jaw and glittering eye.

New Maranello Library Building, Maranello, Italy
Design: Andrea Maffei Architects
New Maranello Library Building
photo : Alessandra Chemollo

Constrained in the rectangular margin of an old industrial warehouse, New Library in Maranello, has a blobby organic form, that stands out as a contrast to the traditional rectangular masses of its residential neighborhood. Along the edge of the curvilinear building, the glass skin provides with abundant natural light, supplemented by skylights to illuminate the inner areas. Reading tables are placed near the perimeter and impart unruffled view of the shimmering water, the layer of submerged white gravels in the water tank and the green vegetation along the existing boundary wall.

Head Road 1815, Cape Town, South Africa
Design: SAOTA Architects
Head Road 1815 Cape Town - New Residential Property
photo : SAOTA

Head Road 1815 is a house with a panoramic view of Fresnaye and cerulean Atlantic Ocean. The three-storey elevated house for young couple is positioned in Fresnaye, Cape Town, South Africa and is designed by SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects. Build on a steep slope of Lion’s Head, the house is raised by columns to match the high level of the approach road. Full height glazing in the north, engulfs the interior with diffused natural light and dispenses engaging view of the surrounding.

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