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List of the most “gambling” countries in the world

December 15, 2021

Melbourne casino, Victoria, Australia:
Melbourne casino List of the most gambling countries in the world

Online casino games, gambling are all the rage these days. This kind of entertainment is becoming more and more popular among people from different countries. For example, in Australia, this kind of pastime has been popular since the land-based online casino and then when it moved to the online version.

This is evidenced by the list of the best online casinos in Australia. Though land-based casinos have not yet become completely unnecessary, a large number of players have switched to online. Different countries have different attitudes towards it. Some prohibit them completely, others on the contrary support and do everything possible to develop and promote them.

Gambling Countries

In Canada, for example, online casinos are flourishing. And it is the country that is famous for its freedom and attitude towards the online industry.  Almost 75% of Canadian citizens play online casinos and win (or lose) a lot of money daily. The average Canadian spends about C$570 a year on online gambling.

Australia is another country with a high percentage of players. According to statistics, about 80% of Australians gamble online. According to studies, it is the number one country in terms of spending and loss per person.  By betting, an Australian loses about A$1,288 a year. This is a large enough amount to lose at online casinos such as GoldWin or Abo Casino. It is because gambling is so popular in this country that national banks have been forced to raise interest rates.

Another country with a high rate of residents who gamble in the United Kingdom. This country’s market is considered to be one of the strictest in terms of online gambling security. Citizens of this country enjoy complete freedom of online gambling and still do not expose themselves to any dangers.

70% of the online gambling base is accounted for by another country that is quite large and well-known. It is, of course, the USA.  Although it is home to one of the biggest casino player conglomerations, we are talking about Las Vegas, this aspect is considered to be quite problematic for the country. The situation depends on the position of a particular state. Some are very relaxed about it, others are stricter.  However, over the years these restrictions have loosened and US citizens are avid online gamblers spending more than $35.5 billion a year!

Another country on the list of online gambling polarities is New Zealand. Although the law in that country is very permissive on the subject, it also has its pros and cons. Gambling is legal, fully legal, and untaxed, but for example, playing Kiwi punters is possible only in foreign casinos. Still, the statistics show that over the past couple of years, the inquiries for online casino games have gone up by leaps and bounds, which proves that entertainment is a popular pastime in this country.

Casino at Darling Harbour, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia:
Darling Harbour Sydney casino Australia

List of the most gambling countries in the world Conclusion

As you can see, in almost all large countries of the world, online casino gambling is popular. Not all countries are allowed by law, but still, a large percentage of residents of each of the above countries have played, and we are sure will continue to do so. And with the development of modern technology, this industry continues to evolve and gain popularity every day.

So no matter what country you live in or are temporarily in, if you are a fan of online gambling you can easily come in, register, and play your favorite games that are presented at online casinos in these countries.

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