How to properly take care of tie dye garments tips

How to properly take care of tie dye garments tips, Caring for clothes guide, Clothing advice

How to Properly Take Care of Tie Dye Garments

2 November 2021

How to properly take care of tie dye garments tips

Are you looking for a fun craft to do? How about tie dyeing your shirts, hoodies, and other garments? Transforming your old white shirts or giving life to plain white garments with bright colors and striking patterns is fun to do. Even adults cannot deny how fun this activity is!

But, this fun activity and amazing tie dye masterpiece can easily be ruined if not taken care of properly. The tie dye fades and it might stain other clothing if you do not take measures like how a reliable laundry expert in NY cares for tie dye clothes.

Wash Tie Dye the First Time

The first thing you have to do is be patient.

1.    Let the tie dye steep for at least 8 hours.

You should not take out the tie dye shirt from the plastic bag immediately. It is best to be patient and let the tie dye steep in the shirt for at least 8 hours. This step helps the colors come out the best they possibly can.

2.    Remove clothes from the plastic bag and rinse with cold water.

After letting it steep for 8 hours, it is time to wear protective gear to help you avoid stains. Let the rubber band stay on the shirt while you rinse it with cold water. Do not rinse your tie dyed shirt with other shirts because the loose and excess dye stains other clothes. You can either rinse the clothes with a washing machine or by hand.

3.    Set the tie dye.

Do not overlook this step. Place the tie dye shirt inside a bucket with vinegar solution. Mix a gallon of water and 2 cups of vinegar for the vinegar solution. After 30 minutes, remove the tie dye shirt and wring it.

Some skip this step resulting in their amazing tie-dye creation easily fading.

4.    Remove rubber bands.

It is time to check the results of your tie-dye process and see how the patterns turned out. Did it turn out well? Give your shirt another rinse in cold water, wring it, and let it dry.

5.    Wash shirt with detergent in hot water.

When washing your tie dye shirt, do it alone and in hot water. It is risky to wash it with other clothes as the loose and excess dye might stain other clothes. Use the hot water to help set the color.

6.    Air dry the shirt.

Let it dry. When drying your tie dye shirt or garment, do not use the dryer because the high heat causes the tie dye colors to fade. Moreover, the high heat might shrink your shirt.

Hang your new tie dye shirt and let the air breeze dry it. Do not hang your shirt under the sunlight.

How to Properly Take Care of Tie Dye Clothes Summary

Taking care of your tie dye shirt is easy. Do not skip the first wash steps to ensure you can wash your tie dyed shirt at the nearest laundromat. If you have washed the shirt a few times, you can wash it with other clothes in future washes.

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