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How To Know If Online Casino Is Licensed Or Legal Guide

16 Mar 2022

How to know if online casino is licensed or legal

The legality of an online casino is the first thing you should verify before opening an account on a gambling platform. Legal and safe casinos are those that have real and current registration and licenses.

They also must adhere to the policies of responsible gaming, authorized gaming and protection of the privacy of the data transmitted through the page. Let’s see step by step how to know if a casino is legal and what you need to do to register.

Is a Good Idea to Play at an Online Casino?

Yes, but, unfortunately, not all sites are secure. Before playing at an online casino for real money it is of the utmost importance to verify that the site is reliable. There are many fraudulent online gambling sites, which operate without a license, outside the law and are platforms where people take advantage of inexperienced players to steal their funds and information.

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For their part, casinos with registration and valid license, granted by a recognized regulatory body, are reliable and a good entertainment alternative that you can carry on your mobile or use from your computer.

In order to operate legally, casinos around the world must have a gaming license. Now with the rise of online casinos these licenses can be requested in different countries or territories.

Some of the countries that grant these international gaming licenses are Malta, Curaçao, Costa Rica, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man or Alderney. These licenses allow operators to legally offer their services in all territories that do not have rigid internal regulatory policies or restrictions. In other countries such as France, Italy, England or Germany, where gambling is fully regulated, casinos need a license granted by the country in order to operate, even if they provide free casino games with lucrative bonuses.

In each country it is necessary to make sure of the conditions, especially in some Asian countries, such as a Southeast Asian country like Thailand, it is necessary to find information about online casinos in Thailand, to make sure that it works correctly, legally and safely before registering. Each country has its legislation in this regard, so it is prudent to check what types of gambling sites are allowed in the country of your residence. Still confused? Just go to legit and licensed online casinos for gamblers from all countries!

Having a Legal Gaming License is Vital

A safe, reliable and, in short, respectable online casino must have a gaming license, with all its regulations in place and protected by the gaming law of each country. If the casino is based in the European Union, the EU laws protect the user. This is the first guideline and condition to know if an online casino is legal and completely reliable.

Make sure of the domain

For example, if the trustworthy casino is based in Spain, it must have a license and registration from the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. This body or that of each country grants a seal at the bottom of the website that certifies that it meets the technical and legal requirements of the nation. In addition, the platform link must inform about where it legally operates. For example, in the case of Spain it must end in: .es

Technical Security: HTTPS and SSL/TLS Certification from a Recognized Company

For an online casino to be reliable, it must work through HTTPS, which allows secure and private communications, otherwise the data can be visible on the Internet. Additionally, it is necessary to have an SSL/TLS certificate from a company that is recognized, such as GeoTrust, Symantec or GoDaddy. This confirms to the user that their data goes from the mobile or the computer to the casino in a completely secure way.

Best Online Casinos Without UKGC License

Support Service and Withdrawal of Money

It is ideal that the support service be fast, in cases when a problem arises and the way of contacting the user should be free. They should offer a 24-hour chat, possibility to call back or free phone calls, are additional recommendations to know if the casino is legal and safe, before registering.

The time it takes to transfer the earned money is critical. It should never be more than 3 business days, in the case of 5 days or more it is certain that it is a casino that cannot be trusted.

How to know if online casino is licensed or legal Conclusion

Just focus on these points above and you’ll be able to find a legit casino. Are you now ready to find the best casino? If you live in Canada, you need to know that Canadians can check the list of the best licensed online casinos – take a look at

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