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How The Endocannabinoid System In Us Makes You And Your Dogs The Same

27 July 2020

How The Endocannabinoid System In Us Makes You And Your Dogs The Same

Take a look at your dog right now. What does it look like? Is it large or small, does it have spots of colors all over its body or does it elegantly flaunt only one color? Does it have a long or a short tail and does it wag that tail every time you establish eye contact? Most importantly, take a long hard look at it and tell me if you find any similarities between you and your pet.

I bet that sounds like a strange request, but do me a favor. You are probably concluding right now that you and your animal both have eyes, mouths, noses and certain other body parts, but that you are evidently completely different. After all, it’s not like you can grow a tail or put your leg behind your ear with such easiness and scratch it.

If I told you, however, that you and your doggie are much more similar than you thought, would you be shocked and surprised? Or, would you easily accept that fact? I guess you would be somewhere in between, demanding some additional info and proof for what I am telling you. The truth is, though, I’m not talking about physical resemblance.

The Resemblance Is Internal

What I’m talking about has much more to do with you and your canine’s internal selves. Since I have put it like this, you have probably started thinking about characteristic traits and those researches that show your dog and you can share similar personalities. That’s still not what I am talking about, although I am inclined to believe that your puppy does pick up certain things from you which make it perhaps start behaving and sharing the same feelings as its owner.

Am I keeping you in suspense? Are you curious to finally hear what on Earth I am talking about? Well, let us not make any further delays. The similarities you share with your canine are backed up by science, so it’s definitely much more than “hear-say”. Plus, it has to do with biology an anatomy, so there’s no way that anybody can deny the truthfulness of the fact.

Have you heard about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) yet? There it is, that’s what I am talking about. If you know anything at all about cannabis, then you are probably already aware of the existence of this system in human bodies. It was discovered quite late, though, compared to the extensive history of cannabis. The 1960s were the year of these revelations, which were quite significant since it was simultaneously proven that there’s much more to cannabis than its psychoactive properties.

The properties of cannabis are not what we’re here to talk about today, so let’s not get off course. Another discovery followed after this one from the 1960s. That’s the discovery that dogs have ECS as well. In fact, all mammals do and that’s exactly the similarity I was talking about. Of course, you cannot see this with your bare eyes, but sharing this internal system makes you and your dog rather similar, and we are now going to see how.

Endocannabinoid System Dog advice

Production Of Endocannabinoids

You and your doggie both produce endocannabinoids naturally and that production influences your health. Those substances are responsible for managing your mood and your sleep, your appetite, memory, levels of stress, the reproductive function, as well as the whole immune system. Remember, that goes both for you and your canine.

Same Receptors

Continuing along the same lines, you and your pet both have the same cannabinoid receptors in your bodies. It was initially thought that these were present only in the brain, but an important distinction was made later on. Thus, today we have two types of receptors, i.e. CB1 and CB2. The first one is found in the brain and the second one spreads throughout your and your animal’s bodies. In case you were wondering, CB1 is the receptor responsible for psychoactive activities caused by THC.

Endocannabinoid Deficiency

The fact that you and your pet can both produce endocannabinoids brings us to our next conclusion. You can both experience endocannabinoid deficiency. Now you are wondering what that is and why it even matters. As you will see, it definitely matters significantly and you wouldn’t want that to happen either to you or your little barking companion.

Read this article to get a better idea about the whole system at

Sometimes, your body or the body of your canine will be incapable of producing enough endocannabinoids, causing your organisms to fall into what’s known as endocannabinoid deficiency. In those cases, the ECS won’t function properly and you or your animal will be rather vulnerable and susceptible to the development of all kinds of diseases. It’s like a disruption of your whole immune system.

CBD Intake

If the deficiency I explained above sounds scare, you should still stay calm and collected. Thanks to the last similarity between you and your dog on this list, you will be able to both prevent and solve this issue if it arises.

Given that you both have the ECS in your organisms, you are both able to take CBD products in order to make up for the endocannabinoids that your bodies are unable to produce on their own. CBD acts as a supplement that can resolve the issue of endocannabinoid deficiency, or better yet, prevent it from happening at all.

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