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How Slots Design is Developed in UK

Nov 3, 2020

How slots design is developed in the UK

Slots are easily the most preferred land-based and online casino game in the UK and everywhere else in the world. There are several reasons why bettors prefer slots to other casino games, and one of those reasons is appealing design. Here, we will explore all about how the UKGC hopes to promote responsible gambling by looking into slot designs, as well as the slot designs that players find most appealing.

UKGC Consultation on Slots Design

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has the promotion of responsible gambling as one of its major duties, and so it has launched a public consultation into the design of online slot offerings, with an aim to gather useful public views on higher protection for players who are vulnerable.

The UKGC has now outlined a couple of new proposals, including a few new controls that are aimed at lessening the potential for consumers to get harmed by their gambling habits. However, these rules will not influence those who want to play non GamStop slots online and gamblers will have a possibility to get around restrictions. These habits are mostly on the most intensive products, including online slots, plus taking away the ability of casino operators to reverse a customer’s withdrawal request.

In a recent interview with the UKGC, the regulatory body explained that it recognizes the new transition from physical to online gaming in the world. This has made the success of many tech companies, gaming machine designers, and digital content creators dependent on their ability to form and maintain an engagement with their consumers on their online, mobile apps as well as – in premises – gambling machines.

However, the body also pointed out that it recognizes the fact that speed of play, betting opportunity frequency, and a host of other factors on offer to casino game players can raise addiction as well as the risk of harm. Thus, the proposed changes that are outlined within the new document will help to manage these risks for online slots players.

UKGC says that its interest in online slots is primarily because an online slot is the greatest online gambling product by sheer gross gambling yield. While relatively few play online slots, the average spend is quite high. Structurally, online slots boast of a number of features that can play a role in significantly increasing the intensity of play.

What this means is simply that the online slot poses a relatively high risk that is reflected in its associated problem and its moderate-risk gambling rates.

Moreover, the UKGC made it clear that the proposals are ‘only the first step’ in their efforts and dedication to keep players safe.

The statement made it clear that slot is one casino gaming area which has recorded technological improvement when it comes to product design and they expect operators to keep showing an equal, and indeed greater, commitment to innovate with regards to consumer protection.

Regulatory intervention is required to keep pace with the constant changes, and the proposals in the consultation are part of a package of work that the UKGC is taking forward to ensure that online gambling is much safer.

Slots Designs that Attract Gamblers

Slots are quite appealing, especially because of how much work goes into their designs and looks. Many players have found certain kinds of slots more relatable for various reasons, and this is one advantage that online slots have over other kinds of casino games.  Slot developers and designers work with the trends in almost every part of life and entertainment that players may find attractive when it comes to designing the latest slots. From themes such as fairy tales to music, movies, horror, culture, and almost everything you can imagine, there is always something for every person.

Casino game designs that attract gamblers and worth to spend money on include logos, graphics, sounds, theme, gameplay, and of course, bonus features. Only online slots boast of features that increase winning chances, and a lot of designing goes into the creation of these features.

Some gamblers are drawn to slots with fast and exciting gameplay, as well as graphics that make them look trendy. An example of such an online slot is Fury’s Gate Animations by Yarki studio. The slot seems to have a scary theme that is preferred for horror movie lovers, as it also features horror style graphics.

No doubt, players may feel lucky when they bet on a slot that they can relate to. This is another reason why developers record great success when they release new titles featuring symbols and themes that may players buy into. Slots like Hot Hot Halloween are season themed, and will most likely get the attention of people who feel like Halloween is the best time to make big wins.

The most common slot designs that can be found in casinos include pirate-themed slots, Irish-themed slots with leprechauns, beach-themed slots, and horror-themed slots. Slots with free spins and good speed of play are mostly attractive regardless of other aspects of their design.

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