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How Do Oddsmakers Set Lines?

20 Sep 2021

Sports bettors are always on the lookout for the best bookie to register at for better chances of landing massive wins as they wager on different outcomes. The most preferred sportsbooks are the ones that offer the most lucrative betting odds for all sports bets to offer players more advantageous money-making chances for the correct predictions.

How Do Oddsmakers Set Lines?

How Do Oddsmakers Set Lines Guide

So how are these odds set? Setting football betting odds or any other sport for that matter is the job of oddsmakers. They are usually employees or outsourced parties who are adept at predicting different outcomes before and as a sporting event progresses by closely monitoring how the games unfold.

Oddsmakers who stand out from their peers often have some basic tactics tucked up their sleeves as they try to ensure that the bets are balanced on both sides. Doing so requires some serious analytic skills on the part of the person or team setting the lines.

The general idea is that most sports bettors will wager on the favourite, and so, the oddsmaker sets the line on the underdog to even out any losses incurred. Of course, the exact figures will be determined by several other factors. Today, we dig deeper into how oddsmakers set the lines so that sports bettors can enjoy a fair environment when putting their money on predictions. 

Team Power Rankings

The teams that are being analyzed are vetted based on the past performance data to predict future probabilities. This is done by taking a look at the areas in which the teams have displayed strength in previous games and making comparisons to come up with the most likely margins when the game starts. When setting the opener and the sportsbook odds, other factors such as individual team member injuries, playing back-to-back, offensive rating, defensive rating and the weather will also be considered. 

The oddsmaker will then estimate how many goals, corners, red cards, and any other expected outcomes per game can happen. The opening line is usually set to attract equal action on both sides of the line. After that, the line and odds will keep getting adjusted based on how the bettors place wagers, i.e., oscillating between desirable and undesirable outcomes to maintain the equilibrium. 

Professional Players

After the initial line bet has been set, the smart bettors will put in early bets. The house is constantly monitoring such bets and will use them to adjust the line accordingly. To bait the pros into placing smart bets, the bookmaker will set fair limits. These early bets from pros not only reflect whether they agree with the set opener, but they also let the sportsbook decide whether it would be safe for them to have gamblers with some obvious value betting advantages playing at their lobby. 

At the end of the day, these sharp bettors have shaped the betting line to show a more accurate depiction of what is likely to go down as soon as the sporting event starts. So essentially, it is sort of a symbiotic ecosystem where both the sports bettors and the teams or players are considered before anything is final. 

Before and During the Game

Once the more accurate bet line has been established, the bookmaker will try to create the hype for the odds in different media to attract as many public bettors as possible. These guys form the bulk of this betting activity. As soon as the game is underway, the oddsmakers will keep an eye out for which side of the betting line is receiving more action, and they will adjust the line to push action to the other side. 

After all, the bookmaker wants to make some money in the process. It’s no wonder why most players always follow the direction of the house on which side to bet on, which, however, doesn’t fly with some of the more avid sports bettors.

Levelling the Playing Ground at All Costs

The role of the oddsmaker is to keep the bet picks as close to 50/50 as possible to avoid value bets that will lose the bookmaker a great deal of money. Thus, the Moneyline setting is vital in whether a sportsbook will make a profit or not. And of late, with the number of bookmakers on the rise, the odds-making market is gradually switching to artificial intelligence, data science models and advanced algorithms to set lines rather than human oddsmakers. This makes the process a lot more accurate and smoother, therefore making the process completely fair with no chance for human error whatsoever.

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